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Ernakulum Trip – Diary – Part 1


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7: 30 Pm March 10th 

I finally manage to do the three finger job (CTRL-ALT-DEL) to my PC and gave myself to the count of 10 to dart across to the lift and blaze across the Egmore railway station to catch the bus to Central Station, as I had a train to catch at 8 pm. My focus of reaching Egmore station by 7:35 met an untimely accident when my olfactory modalities detected the smell of masala groundnuts that were being sold. This distraction and transaction burnt a hole of 5 Rs. in my pocket and 5 minutes of my time.

Now the time was 7: 41 and by no means could I walk it, I was no “4 minute mile” Roger Bannister.. So I decided to do the unthinkable, that any sane Chennai’te would think twice before entering. Yes I decided to take the services of the rather notorious Chennai Auto.

The Chennai auto drivers, if they had the luxury of being born during the Industrial revolution, would have certainly drawn flak from the “ Bourgeoisie “ class for over exploitation of travelers and would also bag the award for the “emerging entrepreneurs” of the year who charge an auto fare of 500% more than the normal prevailing fare in other parts of the country.

The auto drivers in Chennai are a talkative lot, giving you loads of gyaan and opinion and bymistake also include that in the billing. Anyways let’s leave the economics of the auto fare pricing to the B-school grads who may find this topic, an interesting case-study.

After the auto ride, I entered platform 5 and walked over to my coach AS 3 and glanced to have a look at the “status”. Status from my college days in our lingo means exactly this SQL Query executed on the reservation list.

Select GIRLS From RESRVATION LIST in COACH where SEX =’F’ and age >18 and age<25.

And this query returned me this. Here’s a snapshot of how it looked like.

61 Bobby Jose F 19
62 Kartik Kannan M 23
63 Baby Jose F 21
64 RosaKutty Jose F 23

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