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Enduring Your Boss


It’s dramatic what a female can bring upon another. Especially if they choose to be at dagger’s end. But hatred, like some of the others, is an overrated human emotion. No two people can sustain monotony in our multicoloured, roller coaster ride of life. I hate my boss. Or am I prejudiced?

If we break it down to the basics, things always look uglier than they seem, or funnier, or sillier. Work is a cost that we are made to pay for livelihood. It’s customary and there’s no escape. And livelihood has never come easy. There is war, there’s envy, there’s gore, and they have prettier name now – Politics. My failure’s entangled to my colleague’s success. We are all here to backstab each other coz we are all here to win.

But we are also human.

I smile and bid good morning to my boss each morning. She sizes me up with what I’m wearing, checks out my formals pondering– is that a crease on my neck? – isn’t the colour a little faded? – wasn’t I wearing the same trouser last Friday? Is the apparel branded? Women.

I sit and spend half the day working on a project and expect appreciation that never comes. I expect her to involve me in more worthwhile projects that never happen. I gauge the typical stunt she pulls now and again which is yet another one of her attention seeking attempts. Oh and yes, I also listen to her hush – hushing over the telephone and gather that she’s backbiting behind me again. I‘ve been through these and seen them all. Disgust, frustration, helplessness. And then….Hatred.

But then on some days, she falls sick. I look up to find a pair of weak eyes looking back at me. I mean to and still, don’t quite end up relishing the idea.

Some days we bitch. I make fun of a fellow colleague and she laughs at my jokes. I don’t mean to and still end up enjoying her company.

She likes the same movie star that I do, she loves a book that I’d asked her to read, she drools on a song that I’d forwarded on Bluetooth…..and I smile. It makes me happy. Because Girls will be girls. We love giggling and talking about good looking men, we love the idea of never ending romance, we shop, we doll up, we react to eve teasing and complement not the way they are, but the way we want them to be.

I have a wicked boss. But she also has a name. And a person that she uncovers after dark on her way back from work.

I know I will hate her again tomorrow. She’ll give me enough reasons to. But I’ll also live a bit more of my life with her by tomorrow. I’ll smile my good morning, I’ll share my lunch and before I go home, I’ll know that she was keeping fit and healthy when I last saw her today.

I hate my boss….or do I?


  1. Good post Urmimala. In the beginning, I thought it’s just another “hate-your-boss” post. But, midway, you switched gears to appreciate the human part of the specie called “Boss”. That gives nice flavor to it.. Keep posting and sharing..

  2. I would also like to share a few thoughts of my own. A boss is like a teacher. Just like a good teacher, a good boss can change your life towards amazing growth path. A bad boss, however, can make you cry for life… I wish all the bosses of this world can understand the mentor-ship role of their designation…

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