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Ebb And Flow – With The Highs Come The Low

Phew! Finally back on the blog… I don’t understand why it happens in spurts but perhaps the innate writer in me is layered and covered in laziness and inertia a tad too soon. But am back with my latest musing.

nitrostat 2.5mg olanzapine And it is not just slice of life but also something that I have watched and observed with others. As we go along our merry way in this river of life… we go thru many an ebb and flow. Those who manage to stay on and extend the high and swing back up quickly from the low are the ones who are indeed successful. No one can escape a bad patch, and everyone will surely have a good one. Its about how much one one clings onto the good patch and how soon we let go off the leaner phase that’s critical to where we end up.

In cricket MS Dhoni is a classic example. An almost Buddha like approach to the game, he was able to manage his moment in the sun and prolong it so beautifully that one never even noticed his terrible times with the bat. Batting, keeping and captaincy, Dhoni always tried to ensure that he excels in at least one of his 3 duties and does farely well in one of the other. When his form with the bat was poor, he made sure he pushed others to do well and led them ably. He was terrible behind the wickets for a while, but he hid his inefficiency behind the success of his bowlers.

All this while he led the team brilliantly. And the times he made decisions poorly as a captain, he walked out and batted his way out of trouble. Many might opine that not everyone has the freedom to script his or her destiny as Dhoni could, but I disagree. No one can decide, but everyone can influence his or her destiny.

But for that one needs to be completely honest with oneself. There will be days when you feel like you are the king of the world and everything will go your way and there would be vice-versa days too. How does one know about a day like that, you possibly will not know about it and hence will have to be ready and keep options handy? What is your way out when your A Game is not working and what is the Plan B? Or Plan C? When a door closes which is the window you will look for help.

The examples and this lesson spill over into the corporate world too. Many companies and many brands have learnt to work with options. When their strengths became weaknesses, they devised newer abilities, better uses and devised/derived new markets, new opportunities and new lines of businesses. Prolonging the up curve is a craft that is not easily mastered. To slow the tapering off, extending the plateau especially with ones own career and life it a tough ask, but it’s doable. What’s more difficult is to pull out of the rut and reverse the downturn.

We as humans tend to attract negativity faster than the positives and when the going ain’t good the mood is often bad and insecurities creep in. One starts doubting himself/herself but that is perfectly the time when Plan B & C should kick in.

No one is gifted with just a ability and there is always another one, another ability, and another passion that can be stoked, nurtured and nourished. We need to find that and be ready to use it. Manage the highs, ride out the lows.


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