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Dhoni’s top 5 behind the wicket statements

Its nice hearing Dhoni after the match but do you wonder what Dhoni says to his mates during the match, how does he encourage them, does he sledge opponents or not? How does he strategizes while playing, how he inspires or encourages his mates?

Here are some funny and interesting comments by Dhoni while playing on the ground

1.  Third Australia-India Test in Mohali in 2013 : Michael Clarke came to the field after the dismissal of the last batsman. Because of the good innings by the last batsman Australia was in a good position. Dhoni knew Michael Clarke was good at playing spin and he would want to hit the ball hard.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.23.36 AM

Dhoni told Jadeja , “Pehli ball thoda tez daalna, ye pehli hi ball aage badhega” (bowl the first one faster, he will charge down the wicket on the very first ball itself). Jadeja followed Dhoni’s instruction, Michael Clarke did charge down but could not judge the pace of the ball, missed that but Dhoni did not miss to stump out him.

2.  2014 T20 World Cup, 28th Match, Group 2, Australia vs India: This time Dhoni asked Jadeja just the opposite, he asked Jadeja to bowl a little slow and loopy which can get hit for a six. In his exact words ,” Thoda dheere daal, ek chhakka khaake dikha”. Jadeja, being clueless, did not bowl a slower one.


P.S. Later the same batsman got out in an attempt to hit a six, (c Dhoni, b Ashwin), looks like someone did listen to his suggestion that day.

3.  Uthappa was taking his own sweet time and was a little slow to throw the ball and this is what Dhoni said to him

“Girl friend se raat mein baat kar lena, pehle ball fek de ”


4. What Dhoni said to Ravinder Jadeja when he was bowling to Chris Gayle

“Ek baar bola hai baar baar nai boluga, pair (Legs) pe khilana hai to pair pe hi khilana hai”


5.  And of course we should end without the Dhoni & Virat story

Virat Kohli came to bowl as India was playing with 4 bowlers. In his first over Kohli managed to deliver two consecutive yorkers and he got Kevin Peterson. Naturally Kohli got excited and started trying different variations which includes an wide ball as well which went for byes. So Dhoni came to Kohli and said

“Jitna bola hai utna kar, bowler mat bann”




  1. Dhoni is unbelievable captain as far as we ll nt find such captain in future……he is just an tremendous performer batsman n good decision taking capability…. Love u dhoni bhai we ll missing u in test

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