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In the world, there are very few people who are trillionaires or billionaires; some are the owner of crores and most of the people are poor or very poor. They are very hard earner for their livelihood. Some people struggle their entire life for a piece of bread so that they can survive. Some people are compelled to sell their honor, themselves and their children so that they can see them alive.

This can be seen in the whole world either this is developed country or developing or undeveloped country. Limitations may very but the situation is present in the entire world. In the world few people are willing to book and reserve the land on the moon and mars while most of the people are unable to pusses a piece of land for their shelter and livelihood. Most people are using footpaths and flyovers for shelters.

On one side, there is scientific temper which is trying for betterment of the all people but on the other side there are some people who become the owner of the scientific technology and property. They are using the technology and other illegal means for their own betterment and prosperity. They are very powerful to govern the countries. There are so many other factors also who are creating the classes between the people. Religion is in one of them which teach the poor, honest people that all the situations are created by the supreme power that is GOD and we are the means only and nothing else. So that we should accept all the situations present before us.

In such a case we are unable to understand the development. The meaning of development has been the development and prosperity of some powerful people and nothing else.

Development in the business of the people of any country or of the whole world means the development of its people as a whole in all respect.

The goal of development must be the physical and mental fulfillment of the people as a whole so that they can live with the pleasure and peace and can feel the supreme value of humanity.

The human factor is the supreme value in development so each and every step must be ahead towards the development with the thought of humanity, in the mind.

A country can obtain its goal of development by the proper use of scientific temper only.

The scientific temper does not mean just using high technology but to seeing it that all things work properly.

For a country to be developed, it needs to have its ideology and programs by which the goal of development can be fulfilled by developing the poorest and weakest people up to the mark of equality of the developed people.

Each and every country of the world must prepare their ideologies and programs such that by fulfilling them they can obtain their true development with the sense of humanity.

If a country performs its duties, ideologies and programs with the scientific temper then it can be developed truly as the science and poverty cannot co-exist if the science is used with the supreme value of humanity.

Big things cannot be achieved by small mind and timid hearts.

As I have said in my previous writing “ BETTER DEMOCRACY” the government should step ahead towards development of all people by fulfilling the following :

  • Affordable healthy and nutritious food :
  • Good Education:
  • Better job opportunity:
  • Support for people who are unable to work:
  • Equality between men and women:
  • Freedom from discrimination and persecution:
  • Protection against crime and violence:
  • Terrorism:
  • Assault and abusement of women & children:
  • Political freedom
  • Corruption free country
  • Access to clean water and sanitation
  • Free medicine and better health planning for all people
  • Free home availability to homeless people
  • Prevention of forests, rivers and oceans
  • Phone and internet accessibility

There are so many other areas also for development of a country on which government should take initiatives perfectly.

It is better to raise an inch to all people than to raise few people up to the height of mountain.

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