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Delhi should know who is against corruption. AAP or Central Govt


Do you know that within 1 month of an honest government of Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi, more than 1.25 lakh calls came on the anti-corruption helpline 1031?

Do you know that Delhi police comes under the central Modi government while the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) comes under Delhi AAP government?

Do you know that when Delhi’s AAP govt asked people to video record any corruption case they face, Delhi police issued a circular banning entry of mobile, pens or any electronic equipments in police station which is strictly being followed?

Do you know that when ACB arrested a sub-inspector of Delhi police, caught red-handed while taking bribe, police lodged an FIR against ACB for kidnapping him?

Do you know that later the high court dismissed police case and allowed ACB to interrogate policeman?

Do you know that now Delhi police has issued another circular threatening the arrest of any ACB officer if they come inside the police station premises?

Do you know now that who is against corruption? AAP Delhi govt or Central Modi govt?


  1. Please post valid credential links for everything you just said above… About each and everything just not one or two.

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