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‘Decoding the Kulfi’ at Barbeque Nation


Summer is the season for having cool things and what better way than trying out 800 exotic varieties of Kulfi. Barbeque Nation, one of the most successful casual dining restaurants in India, has embarked on a new journey with its patrons by introducing a special ‘Kulfi Nation’ experience zone.

The one thing I found really cool was how much effort the team at Barbeque Nation had put to select Kulfi as the new offering and serving it with a twist.

Lots of Permutations and Combinations of Kulfi base with toppings can lead to some exotic flavors.

paan kulfi
Paan Kulfi Paan Kulfi
Paan Kulfi was a favourite and a hit. It was hatke and with the right toppings, it did stand out as the perfect dessert.


source url Kesar Pista Kulfi
A tried and tested flavor, this one gave both the flavor of Kesar and crunchiness of Pista in every bite. Recommended for all the patrons of Pista and Kesar.

Malai Kulfi
Malai Kulfi Malai Kulfi
This is the most common Kulfi of all times and a favorite among people.


Strawberry Kulfi
This one felt like ice cream with an essence of Strawberry. I wish they had real flavors to it rather then essence or preservatives.

buy prometrium canada Mango Kulfi
This one disappointed me because being summer’s I was expecting real chunks of Mango but what they offered again was mango essence.

Kulfi Toppings
Kulfi Toppings

Some of the perfect Kulfi is based on the right topping. Some common one’s are Cashew Nuts, Badam, Pista, Chocolate, Honey, Kiwi, Khus-khus, Rooh-Afza, Strawberry, Caramel, Gulkand etc.

Following are the Kulfi combinations we tried and some of these were masterpieces

– Kesar Pista Kulfi + Noodles + Chocolate sauce + Pista + Badam + Kus-kus + RoohAfza
– Malai Kulfi + Chocolate sauce+ Badam pieces + Kiwi
– Paan Kulfi + Chocolate sauce + Tutty Fruity + Pista + Sugar balls
– Mango Kulfi + Honey + Kiwi
– Paan Kulfi + Strawberry sauce + Tutty Fruity + Badam
– Paan Kulfi + Caramel + Choco chips + Rooh Afza sauce
– Paan Kulfi + Chocolate sauce + Badam + Pista + White Choco chips + Kiwi
– Malai Kulfi + Noodles + Strawberry + Pista
– Strawberry Kulfi + Choco Chips + Caramel sauce + Strawberry sauce

To beat the heat this summer, Head to Barbeque Nation near to you and taste it to experience it.

For the original article visit G.Nivedith’s blog, article: Decoding the Kulfi at Barbeque Nation

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