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Dangal : Movie Review

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orlistat 120 mg order online Cast: Aamir Khan, Saakshi Tanwar, Fatima Sana Sheikh, Sanya Malhotra.

buy gabapentin for dogs uk Directed by: Nitesh Tiwari.

Introduction: The seeds of divinity grow and blossom in a truly cultured society where women are given due respect and equal opportunities of rise, dignity and glory. Alas! That still does not holds true in most society. In some the disparity for that gender is subtle and has been underplayed whereas in many the divide is wide open. In India, Haryana is one such glaring example. So when a story of female triumph against odds is told, we must together stand up and applaud the courage of the people behind it. For the time being, let’s forget everything that’s been happening around us and explore the inner world of the Phogat sisters.

Plot: It’s an unfulfilled dream that keeps the Phogat senior alive. The dream he couldn’t achieve for the paucity of funds and infrastructure in his hey days. He roots to have a son and promises to train the kid into a medal winner. Destiny though has different ideas. Each time his family is blessed with a girl. Heartbroken he nurses the pain of not being able to fulfill that unfinished aspiration. One fine day he discovers that his girls have the appetite to fight when they rough up local boys in the neighborhood. Here on in, the father starts chasing that dream again. The two girls go through a sea of emotions. Being stacked up against a mindset that treats girls indifferently, they not only fight the demons of piled up pressure from father but also from society at large who are regressive in nature. The bonding they have with their mother, cousins, how they question their parents at the slightest provocation only adds to the whole drama. What comes to the fore is the will to triumph and achieve glory at the highest level. Dangal is a real life story that has been narrated with absolute sincerity and conviction. The father stands tall in the story, yet it’s the girl power that wins.

Tech spec: For once the tech spec is a little different from the general ones. Let’s give it out to Aamir Khan for doing this film. Had it not been for him and the value he brings on the table, this film would never have been made. Or even if it would have been it would never see such mass expectations and reach. So just for the sheer conviction and belief he deserves all the applause. The tricky part of a real life story is that we know the end. The trickier part of course is to still present in a manner where one connects, hoots and roots for the characters. Dangal and it’s team get that part right. The dialogues again has been designed in a manner where it’s sarcastic in its done but adds the right flavour to the film. At times the film loses pace when the fights get repetitive but in totality, the film gets its moves right.

Actor Prepares: I have always had my reservations on the concept of Aamir being a method actor. Well! He is an actor and that is his job. To get into the skin of the character. Here unfortunately gaining and losing weight decides if the actor has gotten into his character or not. Plus Bollywood is so deep rooted in mediocrity that when Aamir does his basics it’s marketed as perfection. So in a nutshell, yes he is there doing well with his craft but it’s the girls that are the stand out performance of the film. Again it’s perhaps because it’s their first film and the rawness is captured well.

After Thought: Paytm karo, swipe karo, Dutch karo, ticket prices kam hone ka intezaar kar lo, but watch the film. It’s worth every pinch your pocket might feel in today’s crunch economy. Ab Dangal nahi hua toh kabhi nahi hoga.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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