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Creating a Culture of Caring


We face myriad challenges in our daily interactions with people. A caring approach can form the basis for transformation – developing; nurturing and mentoring others will create happier and healthier environments that generate greater innovation and better outcomes.

Role modeling the principles of caring could truly change the culture of the Company.

What does a caring environment look like?

How would it envision a set of values that addressed our responsibilities and also align with our mission that is critical to the well being of our people and our customers?

Judy McDowell, Randy Williams and Donald Kautz with their Caring Model© identify a set of five values that are essential to success in today’s environment – especially if “success is defined not by wealth alone but by how one cultivates and enriches the human condition”.

It is therefore possible for us to create an environment of care, support and collaboration – a culture of respect that promotes the flourishing of the human spirit.

This ultimately creates not only a positive return on our quarterly score card, but a culture shift that produces sustainable results.

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