Generation Y Human Resource Poem Top Workforce

Corporate Junkie

Panasonic and Sony beeping in custom made Reid & Taylor pockets.
A trade for a Rolex throned on his wrist in place of
once existent dreams, in now hollow sockets.

buy prednisolone tablets 5mg Adrenaline pumping before
high stakes meetings and brunches.
Calculating the dose of his choice of drug,
penthouse suites and timeline crunches.

Dizzy with ambition, painting
cocaine bleached canvasses.
Narcissistic laughter aimed to beguile others,
he, for whom his relaxants are stresses.

Dealing with the Devil himself,
power tainted and ill-gotten,
the realization that humans are not beyond sale;
in markets, mergers and acquisitions.

Recessions, Inflations, cruel overdoses
of risk, of danger unspoken.
And when he surfaces again to consciousness,
profits, losses both taken and broken.

Lost in the sewers filled with;
stock brokers and agents alike: the pawnors,
a haughty expression with green bills,
to score his ecstasy, capital owners.

Another dollar, another hit
never enough to sleep remembering the day.
A Corporate Junkie scouring for riches,
a high, a trance not soon before long will sway.

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