The concept of Commune is “Compact homes”. You are buying just the space required for you. COMMUNE offers just the Right Sized living units that meet not just today’s but also tomorrow’s needs of you and your small family. Be it in living comfort or style, COMMUNE apartments are cozy yet spacey enough for the two of you and possibly your loved ones too.

Commune is a Self-contained Enclave where you have all the facilities and luxuries within the complex. Life in a self-contained enclave is more efficient than living in a standalone apartment building. Once you come home, you need not step out for anything. This means more time for you and your family. The life style amenities at COMMUNE are nothing short of club class, offering a host of leisure and recreation avenues for young and old alike. Adding more fun to your happy hours!

Commune is backed by the renowned Golden Gate Group which has been there for more than 18 years in the industry, with over 5 million sq.ft completed and handed over 3800+ units; and with over 7 million sq.ft under execution and over 7 million sq.ft to be launched.

Some of the top projects of Commune are Hanging Gardens, Golden Panorama, Golden County, Golden Valley and Golden Serenity. Golden Gate Properties Limited is a public limited company based in Bangalore. The company embarked on its journey in 1997 and has since developed acclaimed projects across the residential and the commercial space, spanning the horizons of Bangalore and Hyderabad. These projects have earned Golden Gate a stellar reputation as a leading real estate developer of South India. It has recently launched the tallest residential tower in South India too!

Commune is celebrating the 69th year of Independence with a wonderful Freedom Day Offer which is running from 15th August to 15th September 2015. It celebrates Freedom from Paying Rentals, Freedom from Travel to office, Freedom from Traffic, Freedom from Financial Worries and a lot more! They have 20 Hyundai Eons to be won for the 20 customers within the first 69 bookings. The rest 49 customers need not worry too as they win gold worth INR 1 lac! Hurry up!


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