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Chakrata: Uttarakhand’s Hidden Treasure


Located 98 kilometers from Dehradun, Chakrata is definitely a hidden treasure of Uttarakhand. A small cantonment, if you are looking for a hill station that is calm and serene, Chakrata is the best possible option. Two major rivers – the Ton and the Yamuna pass through these regions and one can bask in the beauty of the same.11866_10152776273560562_833892581_n

Originally a cantonment of the British Indian Army, the region has emerged an attraction for travel enthusiasts. Till date Chakrata retains the cantonment title and allows only Indian national entry to the region.

History of Chakrata

Known as Uttarakhand’s Malana, Chakrata and its surrounding regions are known as Jaunsar-Bawar, belonging to the Jaunsari tribe. The Jaunsari tribe still continues to have a strong presence in the area.By 1901, Chakrata became a part of the Dehradun District and continues to remain so.935435_10152776274410562_1104161792_n

Once you step into the area, you will be completely convinced that the entire region has been blessed with absolute natural beauty; whether it is the brilliant verdure or the picturesque snow-capped mountains set against the blue sky – Chakrata is bound to sweep you across your feet;

follow url Attractions in Chakrata

While nature’s beauty is the best thing to rejoice in Chakrata, there are certain attractions that you can choose to visit; these include the following:

here Tiger Falls: One of the highest straight water falls in northern India, Tiger Falls is a key attraction of Chakrata. Falling from a height from 50 meters, the falls creates a small pond that has an enchanting effect on the surroundings; one can plunge into the ice cold waters and have fun.

Koti Kanasar: Roughly 1. 5 hours drive from Chakrata, Koti Kanasar is a small village in the region. This small village makes it one of best retreats available there for travelers who just want to unwind for sometime amidst the hills. If you want to spend a night there, you may do so in the Forest Rest House that is provided.

Devban: As the name suggests, Devban is a prominent area that is surrounded by dense forests; mainly comprising devdar trees, the region makes for a great place for simply strolling and basking in the beauty of nature.

Hanol: Barely an hour’s drive from Chakrata, Hanol is another small Himalayan village tucked away in the mountains; earlier known as Chakrapur, Hanol was named after a Brahmin; legends also has it that, the Pandavas, travelled through this village after escaping the laksha griha. The village lies just across the river Tons.941030_10152776270755562_1039302675_n

If you are an offbeat traveler and looking towards something exciting and different, then you must embark on a trip to Chakrata.

Travel Tips

  • Since it’s a lesser known locality it is advisable that you book your itinerary in advance;
  • Forest rest houses are available and can be pre-booked
  • Hotels are also available but these are usually located few kilometers away

Photo Courtesy: Ankita Mukherji

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