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Celebrating International Dance Day – April 29


Celebrated on 29th April every year, the origins of International Dance Day dates back to 1982 and was introduced by the International Dance Council CID (Conseil International de la Danse), a UNESCO partner NGO. The date is not linked to any particular event or person. The main purpose behind Dance Day is to attract attention of the wider public to the art form of dance. Every year, the president of the CID sends the official message for Dance Day which circulate in every country of the world. Dance as a Form of Exercise

Dance is also seen as a good form of exercise by health experts. And much before it became an art form, dance was seen as a source of connecting with the soul. In the twentieth century several studies were conducted that concluded the benefits of dancing for the human body and soul. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, it shows that regular dancing makes us smarter. The study also revealed that dancing helps in integrating multiple brain functions in one go – rational, kinesthetic, musical, and most importantly emotional – this further increases the mind’s ability to think and stay sharp. Dancing also help people gain confidence.


Attending dance classes is a great way to connect with your partner. Partner dance forms like Salsa, Tango and Cha Cha are some of the best examples and also the best ways of connecting with your partner.

Fitness freaks who are tired of hitting the gymnasium can try dancing as an alternative of exercise. Dancing is the next best way to achieve a healthier and fitter body. For this opt for high-energy dance forms like Hip Hop or Zumba; or else a little more complicated ones like Burlesque or Flamenco. Find the Rhythm of Life

Whether just for fun or as an exercise, dancing does help a lot in maintaining our health. So, this International Dance Day, shed all your inhibitions and shake a leg. In the words of Michael Jackson “Everything living has a rhythm. Do you feel your music.”

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