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Culture of Care

Tastylia USA Leaders face myriad challenges in developing effective people. A caring leadership approach can form the basis for transformation of our people – developing, nurturing and mentoring them will create happier and healthier environments that generate greater innovation and better outcomes. Role modelling the principles of caring could truly change the culture of the Company. What does a caring leadership model look like? How would it envision a set of values that addressed leadership responsibilities and

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Are you ruled by your head, hands or heart?

We are all influenced by a combination of preferences for thinking (head, cognitive), doing (hands, behavioral) and feeling (heart, affective). One of these tends to be our predominant anchor in our lives and they impact our work and our relationship with others. Influence of Head – The Thinkers – Influential and Innovative • Prefer to think before acting and are driven more by cognitive logic and reasoning than by emotion. • Prefer rational ideas and

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CTRL + ALT+ DEL Mr. Nadella: Karma Hurts!

Does the world treat women fairly? The answer is a big NO!!! Take a look at the epics of the world – all of them exist in a patriarchal set up. Renowned authors and philosophers were unfair to women.  Some saw women as temptations and some saw them as being subservient to men. And it comes as no big surprise when the CEO of Microsoft, Mr. Satya Nadella stuffed his feet in the mouth by

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Tough bosses do not last, tough people do

In an ever increasingly competitive world where the adaption of technology is becoming a primary reason for the generation gap, it is far too common to find people whining about their bosses at the coffee machines or restrooms than finding them working through their problems at their workstations. You’ve probably been in that situation at some point in time or other where you’ve felt that your boss just doesn’t understand you, doesn’t care for you,

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5 Kinds of Bosses You Would Prefer Dying But Not Working For

So I finished writing this about the 5 kinds of bosses that you can die working for. Immediately as you can see from the social engagement index of the post, I received some 20 odd queries from friends and former colleagues saying that I also need to write on the kinds of bosses that turn out to be a nightmare. So here are the five traits of the men and women you should shudder to

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5 Kinds of Bosses To Die Working For

I am in my sixth year of professional working and have changed 4 offices. I have fallen in love with all my projects and have never left a company for the work culture or pressure of work. I have always left bosses after seeing qualities that cannot be considered managerial. Not that I was always managed by ugly folks but destiny made it for me such that I would join under a great guy/girl and

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What Leadership Skills Do You Need The Most?

John H. Zenger and Joseph R. Folkman had an interesting hypothesis. At different points in their career, do leaders need to focus on different skills? Should lower level managers focus on driving results and top management focus on developing a strategic perspective? Are some skills less important for leaders at certain levels of the organization? Is there a set of skills fundamental to every level? They asked 332,860 bosses, peers, and subordinates “what skills have the

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10 Wacky Ideas For Out-Of-Office Messages

If you are looking at taking a off sometime and your office is one which does not leave you unscathed for even an hour leave aside a weekend or 10 days, here are 10 wacky OOO’s that you can use to make them feel guilt. 1. I am going to live for ten days, and will be back to my zombie existence on January 20. In these ten days, I will be focusing on living

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Honestly Ridiculous Is What HR Is Becoming – 2

Part-1 of this two part series focused on the absurdities which are carried out in the name of interview questions and post interview comments. This Part-2 of the series will look at the flaws in HR procedures & policies and why it doesn’t make sense today to live with anachronistic HR practices. 1) Not hiring a person with a break in career: These days it is common for people to try out something on their

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21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell provides insight and a detailed description into the following: 1. The Law of the Lid – Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness and is the lid on personal and organisational effectiveness. Whatever you want to accomplish is determined or restricted by leadership ability. 2. The Law of Influence – The true measure of leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less. Influence is important in changing persons

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