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Remembering Karl Marx on his 197th Birthday – May 5th

buy Pregabalin with mastercard The worker becomes all the poorer the more wealth he produces, the more his production increases in power and range. The worker becomes an ever cheaper commodity the more commodities he creates. With the increasing value of the world of things proceeds in direct proportion to the devaluation of the world of men. Labour produces not only commodities; it produces itself and the worker as a commodity — and does so in the proportion in

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SOS- Hari Sadu – A Short Story

SOS- Hari Sadu – A Short Story on handling sloppy employees. Preeti  had shifted to US with her husband after her marriage. She had been running a Computer Education Institute back in India and did not want to close it down as it was her father’s gift to her. She appointed a Manager and hoped that she will keep alive her father’s dream by keeping alive the institute he had developed with much love, care

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Mindful Mondays : Beat Post Lunch Slump

It is good for us to be mindful about our health. A recent study suggests that lunchtime strolls can noticeably and immediately ‘buoy’ people’s moods and ability to handle stress. Participants in the study were asked to partake in a 10-week walking program that entailed walking 30 minutes three days a week during lunch hour. They also answered questions on an app on stress, tension, enthusiasm, their workload, motivation, physical fatigue and other questions related to work

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Does Being a Kind Leader Pay?

Is it good to be a ‘nice’ leader to get people to like you? Or is it better to be tough to inspire respect and hard work? Or are both doable? If you are a caring leader, would you be perceived as being ‘soft’? If you are firm and keep your distance, wouldn’t your people know who is in charge? Does being kind pay at all? Developments in organizational research provide surprising answers to these

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Unconventional Careers in India – I

Observe the following a little carefully: Name: Vinayak Lokhani; Qualification: Engineer/MBA (IIT-KGP, IIM C); Profession: Runs Parivaar — a shelter for the destitute children Name: Harsha Bhogle; Qualification: Management Graduate from IIM A; Profession: Celebrity Cricket Commentator Name: Nandana Dev Sen; Qualification: Arts Graduate from Harvard University; Profession: Actor Well, their professions ideally do not match with their educational qualification. It is very evident they have deviated from the beaten track and has of course

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Stop Asking Personal Questions to Female Candidates!

You are of the age, no plans of settling down? You have been married for three years; family planning in progress? Asking personal questions to female candidates is quite common in a corporate set-up and what comes as a little surprising to me is that, such actions are considered “common” by most – not only interviewers but even jobseekers. Yes, even today within the workforce, you come across situations where gender matters to a great

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Women Matters—Equal Pay Equal Rights

Gender discrimination has a long history across cultures and national boundaries. Discrimination in pay structures are a problem gauging women workers across the globe that needs to be addressed. Despite activism about equal pay rights for women, there exists a substantial gap in pay structures of men and women. On an average most women get paid at a depressing amount of 50% less than that of men. Some have argued that discrimination has nothing to do

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A balance between Hiring and Retention is Key to HR strategy

Hiring employees is just a start to creating a strong work force. Next, you have to keep them. Retaining employees is an essential part of both business productivity and workforce optimization. The issue of employee retention has surfaced as a key concern in almost all the organizations having access to the same technology and systems, where it’s the human capital that creates the difference in shaping the future of an organization. Retaining the best employees in

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Happiness is Viral, go infect someone

We have been taught that hard work leads to success that in turn leads to happiness. But research proves that happiness is a precursor to hardwork and success. Please listen to the TED Talk by Shawn Achor, the author of the book THE HAPPINESS ADVANTAGE:http://www.ted.com/talks/shawn_achor_the_happy_secret_to_better_work Achor goes on to say that in “in just a two-minute span of time done for 21 days in a row, we can actually rewire our brain, allowing our brain to

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The Challenge of Challenge

Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace study finds that worldwide only 13% of employees are engaged in their work, that is, they are “emotionally invested and focussed on creating value for their organizations every day”. A vast majority are emotionally disconnected and therefore likely to be less happy and less productive. Is it possible to “make” one happy? Liz Wiseman author of Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter in her HBR blog  An Easy Way to Make

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