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The Linkages Between Indo-US and Indo-Afghan Relations

It is a pertinent question as to how India-Afghanistan relations stagnated[i] from the days of the Strategic Partnership Agreement with the Karzai government in 2011 to the current days of relative disengagement and marginalization of India compared to other big players of the region. The question is aggravated if it is considered that neither country has made a hostile or negative move towards the other during this period. Yet, Afghanistan’s new leadership has resumed its ‘competitive yet brotherly’ relationship with Pakistan as the US withdrawal becomes imminent. The complications of a dialogue with Pakistan are all too evident with the Taliban

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India’s North West: A Picture Starting to Emerge

Afghan Taliban’s intransigence on the peace process coupled with its attack on civilians in Kabul has forced the four powers initially driving the peace process to increase the pressure on the group. President Ghani’s announcement to initiate a 5-year war strategy[1] against the Taliban, American drone strike on the head of the Taliban[2] travelling through Baluchistan and Pakistan policy of stepping up operations[3] on the terrorist groups have put the group on the defensive. The Americans have been categorical in their statement that the Taliban leader was an obstacle to peace[4]. Strategists have speculated as to whether the leader was given up by

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Pakistan Political Economy- Where are the Actions for Leap frogging?

The Pakistan politico-economic strategy, like many developing countries is based on the logic of leap frogging certain stages of development. Channeling new information and hardware technologies, flow of international capital and goods, liberalizing trade, massive infrastructure and private sector investment along with parallel human resource development are essential components of this strategy. It is based on the idea that developing countries can learn, improvise and refashion best practices looking at the experiences of developed countries thus avoiding the mistakes and time constraints that some developed countries faced during their process of development. The strategy also aims at integrating social goals

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World’s Best Metro Systems: A Glance

One of the greatest questions we, the modern city-dwellers, face, is how we can build more flexible MRTS (Mass Rapid Transit Systems) in and across our cities. With time, the population of cities have risen, nearly everywhere across the planet. Be it New York, the US or Mumbai, India, the population pressure seems to be forever rising. It can be fairly argued that a city is much like the human body. Analogous to the blood vessels inside the human body, that transport blood and corpuscles, the cities have roads and transportation infrastructure, that cater to an analogous system of transportation.

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Metro Systems In Delhi And Kolkata, A Lesson To Learn

Kolkata – The City of Joy, the eastern megametropolitan, the cultural capital of India. This is the rosy picture painted in the minds of some people still, when the hear the name of the city. Truly, Kolkata has some uniquely amazing features – it’s home to the second largest sports stadium in the world, the only existing tramway system in Asia, the largest museum in the continent and… the best metro system as declared in 1984! Yes, that’s the irony. In 1984, 12 years after the baby-steps were taken to build a working MRTS (Mass Rapid Transit System) in the

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Bangalore Finds A Smart Way To Recycle Its Waste

According to the state census board’s 2011 data, Bangalore has grown to be the fifth largest city in the country. Alongwith the population explosion, the city has also seen a rise in solid waste generation. As reported by the Karnataka Directorate of Census Operations, in the year 2000, the city generated 1,450 tonnes of solid waste per day. In 2010, the number more than doubled to about 3,600 tonnes of solid waste being generated each day. The waste management has suffered directly as a result. To rescue the city from a waste management crisis, T Anand, 44, managing director of

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Divine Wine – Four Seasons Shiraz

Four Seasons Shiraz is from the house of United Breweries. Four Seasons Wines Limited produces wines from grapes grown around Sahyadri valley in Maharashtra, India. The vineyard is a state-of-the-art winery near Baramati, around 65 kms from Pune. The USP of Four Seasons Wines is to enrich the mindset of people with wine consumption by offering world-class quality at reasonable pricing. The vineyard has breathtaking views of the landscape of the Western Ghats which has the natural conditions to nurture and nourish the wine grapes of best quality. The Soil also goes hand in hand with the weather conditions that are

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Living On The Edge

It was one of those late Friday evenings when you are ready to embrace the weekend after work. I was hastening to the subway to catch a train home. In the subway I found a group of people who were putting in herculean efforts for a little attention from the rushing commuters. You must be wondering what were these people doing, and why did they have to put herculean efforts to seek attention. The group represented volunteers from Greenpeace India, Indian subsidiary of the Greenpeace International, and they were trying to sound out people on the Clean Our Cloud cause – a

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Nowhere To Go

  I don’t think I know my India any more And that hurts there are things which came into being after I left, and now it takes a while for me to make sense of things… And that hurts It’s like something you owned, and it owned you. something you identified yourself with. now it seems to be moving on, leaving you behind. And that hurts with time, they say, things are forgotten. But I am not a thing! When with every morning light, I open ‘The Hindu’ and call home Home is still somewhere in India, but I seem

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The How of Happiness

  Sonja Lyubomirsky, a professor of psychology addresses these fundamental questions in her book “The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want”, a book of strategies backed by scientific research that can be used to increase happiness. Our individual level of happiness springs from three primary sources: Our Genetic Set Point:  50% of our happiness derives from a genetically determined “set point”. Those of us with low happiness set points have to work harder to achieve and maintain happiness, while those of us with high set points will find it easier to be happy under similar

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