Restaurant Review: Flury’s : The Queen of Park Street

follow Originally built as an old English tearoom, Flurys is one of the most iconic and stylish cafes of Kolkata. Founded in 1927, by Mr. and Mrs. J. Flurys, was known far and wide for its rich creamy pastries, puddings and cookies. Today, even decades down the line, the food joint, rather the tearoom continues to be as popular as it used to be even during the colonial era. From a single original outlet in Park Street, today

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What’s life and what’s its purpose?

Let this grandfather’s letter to his grandson on his first day in this world, answer these for you… Dear Munna, Welcome to this world. This is beautiful,lovely and amazing place and you have been sent here to make it more beautiful and more amazing who has sent us?? No body has been able to know hat till death and probably its not even important so please don’t waste your time to such questions. We all

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जाति के नाम पर

यहाँ सब कुछ होता है जाति के नाम पर यहाँ सब कुछ मिलता है जाति के नाम पर देश यहाँ चलता है जाति के नाम पर धर्म यहाँ पलता है जाति के नाम पर समाज भी चलता है जाति के नाम पर बच्चा पैदा होता है जाति के नाम पर वह बड़ा होता है जाति के नाम पर शिक्षा वह पाता है जाति के नाम पर कर्म भी पाता है जाति के नाम पर धर्म

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Maa, please tell me the story where there is no king or Queen

Maa, please tell me the story where there is no king or Queen. The story that relates to you and to me. The story that tells about the anguish of every heart. The story that is filled with the fragrance of the world. A story that does not talk about celestial damsel, or pretty angels in the heavens. Maa ….tell me that special story…..Tell me the story that will teach me to smile, a story

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Why People Should be More Serious with Social Media

I have been seeing a lot of folks posting stupid things on social media. though I don’t intend to judge but ultimately somehow we start judging others by their social posts. To see some examples see below I apologize if I hurt their sentiment but my point is when you post something on a social media, think thrice because once its there, there is no going back, even if you delete the post. Here are

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#WIN15 Voting Starts Now!!

It started as a passion, leading on to becoming a profession and now to get this encouraging news has led me on to my belief- THAT I AM MADE FOR FOOD ONLY.. A good day spent for me has elements of food in it only. And as if cooking wasn’t enough, that now my passion lies in gardening and tending plants which can bear fruits for me to harvest. From onions to potatoes, they have

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Review of Barnoparichay – The App

In this age of mobile phones when most of the kids are addicted to devices forcing parents look for a way out, we have come up with an app that can help parents turn this habit into something productive. We have developed a Bengali (national language of Bangladesh and widely spoken in north east India) learning app Barnoparichay which makes learning fun. Demo videos: I believe that Bengalis living in Bengal, India or abroad can

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बड़ी कोशिशों से हमने बनाया था ये गुलिस्ताँ प्यार के सपनों से हमने सजाया था ये गुलिस्ताँ अरमानों के आसमाँ पर रचाया था ये गुलिस्ताँ खुशियों की तरंगों पर लहराया था ये गुलिस्ताँ भीनी-भीनी खुशबू फूलों की फैला रहा था गुलिस्ताँ मंद-मंद मुस्कान लिए महका रहा था गुलिस्ताँ कैसा हसीन लगता था ये प्यारा सा गुलिस्ताँ मानो अपनी ही अदा में मुस्कराता गुलिस्ताँ पर न जाने क्यों अपनों को अखरा था गुलिस्ताँ जो इतनी बेदर्दी

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This Independence Day, do we all Indians feel “Cornered”?

The ex IPL chief keeps getting slapped with coloured corners; while Sushma Swaraj is cornered by the Gandhis while Gandhis are cornerned by Sushma and party; while the government is cornered by opposition and the opposition is cornered by the government..while consenting adults are cornered by the cops, while porn is no more “watch in the corner” thing and while terrorists from across borders sneek in from all corners..the question remains to be answered where

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