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click here If you have the spirit of adventure and love to revisit India’s past, then Jaipur is the perfect holiday destination. Among its many names, it is famously called the Pink City since its structures are built in pink sandstone. You can find many 5 Star Hotels in Jaipur as you plan your journey. After you freshen up at your room at Ramada Hotel in Jaipur, you can explore its luxurious surroundings and pamper yourself to

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Amazing tourist attractions of Jaipur visible from my house

I have been living in Amer, Jaipur since 2010 and not many know that 60% of popular tourist destinations in Jaipur are in Amer. Amer use to be a separate city from Jaipur and even had a separate king. But the Indian government after independence included Amer as a part of pink city Jaipur. Well so much with history lessons and lets get to some real stuff. So I am at Amer and from here

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Luxury in the middle of nowhere – Pushkar Resorts, Rajasthan

order prednisone canada Whenever you hear of Pushkar, your mind automatically thinks about the famous Pushkar Camel Fair that happens in the months of October, November every year. Few people inclined towards mythology may also know that Pushkar has the only Lord Brahma temple in the world. Other than that, Pushkar doesn’t seem to entice much interest in people. But did you know that it’s a wonderful getaway from Jaipur and even Delhi? Pushkar Resorts in Pushkar is just about

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A Place Called Here! A Trip to Abu

“Enchanted by the magnificence of its mystical landscape, the sage decided to behest the mountain spirits to allow his patron lord, Arbhuda, to reside there. From thence the hills became the dwelling place of Lord Arbhuda. ‘Abu’ is a diminutive of the ancient eponym for this hill station which resounds with vibrations of things ethereal in essence yet sensual to physical touch”, narrated my grandmother as she unwrapped the home cooked ‘parathas’ for us. “Welcome

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3 Overhyped Places in Jaipur You Could Give A Miss

I have already written the things you shouldn’t miss visiting and places you should definitely go to eat in Jaipur. What I want to also point out is that there are many places in Jaipur, which are overhyped and are not worth the time if you are there for a short visit. In this one I will tell you three such places, which you should try avoiding unless you are on a long sojourn to

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4 Places You Should Definitely Eat At Jaipur

Jaipur is known for its royal forts, havelis and outstanding food alongside hospitality. You go to any restaurant in town that is a little traditional in nature and the staff there would make sure you are well fed and are having good burps when leaving the place. The variety of tempting and mouth watering cuisine is also baffling to say the least. You just can’t have everything is how the menu looks across eateries. I

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Jaipur City
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Headed Jaipur: 5 Places You Can’t Miss

For me to step out of home and go anywhere on a holiday which is sans wildlife is a little tough. I am a wildlife enthusiast and make sure there is that element wherever I go. This time when I headed Jaipur it was simply because I had a complimentary night with Trident and had to use it before August when it was due to expire. The closest was Jaipur and I could travel there

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Khane Ka Swarg !!! Atithi Devo Bhava

The mughal of offering khandani parampara ki khana.”Rajdhani Restaurant” which is one of the leading chains in India which has spellbound millions with its impeccable taste and flavor and keeping us tied down to our traditional roots. Rajdhani is known Known as a “thali place” with 72 different rotating menus with 22,464 delicacies from Gujarat and Rajasthan. The simplicity and authenticity of the food has gathered more than 9 millions loyal customers. As a blogger

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Neemrana Succeeds As an Ideal Commercial Romantic Destination

When we, my Husband and I, were shortlisting the destinations to celebrate our 5th year anniversary, Neemrana came up as the obvious choice for two reasons. Firstly, we were making a weekend getaway plan and secondly, we had never been there. After having spent our Anniversary eve there, it qualified as an ideal luxurious romantic destination for more than one reason!  A 3-hour drive from Delhi, Neemrana Fort spells exotic luxury the moment you walk

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Top Specialty Hotels in Bharatpur, Rajasthan

This is the list of the top three specialty hotels of Bharatpur. (The list is subject to the number of user reviews we get from the visitors of Bharatpur.) The Birder’s Inn (Bird Sanctuary Road) A modern facility with a slight touch of Rajasthani tradition – the Birder’s Inn is a fantastic place to relax and rejuvenate. Large plush rooms with sophisticated baths, a beautiful sprawling garden and a variety of cuisines is what makes

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