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15 Offbeat Hill Stations to Visit this Summer Part 2

buy tastylia oral strips online without prescription Askot An erstwhile princely state, the Himalayan town of Askot is located in Pithoragarh district of the state of Uttarakhand. The town is popular for the Askot Musk Deer Sanctuary, an important site for the conservation of the musk deer. At an elevation of 3,629 ft, Panchuli and Chiplakot peaks form the backdrop for Askot. The town has Nepal to the east, Almora to the west, Pithoragarh to the south and Tibet to the north. The spectacular natural beauty with the Kumaon range forming a stunning backdrop is bound mesmerize you completely. Do not

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15 Offbeat Hill Stations to Visit This Summer Part 1

In this series we will focus on some of the offbeat hill station that you can choose to visit this summer. Here goes the first part. Hemis, Jammu and Kashmir Barely an hour’s drive from Leh, Hemis is a beautiful small hill station located in Jammu and Kashmir. There is something enchanting about the barrenness of this locale. Admire the architecture of the Hemis Monastery set against the backdrop of the mountains, walk over till

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A Quick Look at Delhi Travel Guide I

Delhi is more than just the capital and the political epicentre of the country. A fascinating paradox describable only through experience, it is a microcosm of cultures, ethnicities and mindsets. Mughal architecture juxtaposed against sky-scrapers, slums in the back alleys of multi-storey shopping malls, 5-star monoliths beside derelict buildings, sedans alongside rickshaws and aristocracy amidst poverty; the city will thrust you into a whirlwind of firsts. The numerous places to visit in Delhi will leave

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Things To Be Beware In Bali

Having been to Bali recently, I thought to share a guide to the lovely island. I booked my holidays via a travel agent because South East Asia looks to be a troubled place on the internet for all kinds of nonsense. Bali, though is a wonderful place. Beaches, Bikini Babes and some great sights make the island a must see for travel enthusiasts. The island city though has had its share of troubles. In October of 2002, Kuta, a very

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A Day & Night in Mumbai : Land of culture, emotions and life

Mumbai is one city where i haven’t got an opportunity to visit or explore much.My 4th Visit to the city was an eventful one and the experience was everlasting,though haven’t been lucky enough to explore the city at length but i did plan to explore the unexplored places of Mumbai and making the best of being away from home.Last month i was invited to Mumbai by one of the leading hospitality brands in the world

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Top 10 Things you never knew about Singapore Changi Airport

One Thing that comes to our mind when we hear “Airport” is a place meant as a checkpoint or a destination to fly in and out of a location. Changi Airport in Singapore has redefined the meaning and the nature of an Airport from the basics itself.It has created a persona to be known as one of the World’s Best Airport.Changi Airport isn’t just a Airport,Its a World by itself.I have been to singapore 3

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Amari Ocean Pattaya

Amari Ocean Pattaya has been one of the favorites of Pattaya’s luxury accommodation scene for years now. They have the blend of great terrains with beautifully manicured gardens and two swimming pools. We have the choice for four or five-star accommodation, and an exceptional service ensures that Amari is still one of the finest hotels in the city. Paradise for travelers and honeymooners offering personalized experience for all. A True Luxury Hotel! The location of

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Hotel Amari Watergate Bangkok

Bangkok is known for its lavish inns and housetop bars. However, the Executive Floors of the Amari Watergate Hotel take the red carpeting treatment to the next level. Being a tourist, I experienced a spectrum of unparalleled and fascinating experiences. At the top of this five-star hotel, we isolated from streets jammed with traffic. After ten minutes, I arrived at the Amari Watergate Bangkok Hotel. Hotel’s exterior didn’t impress me, but after stepping inside the

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Experience the Best of Sun,Sand & Sea in Angsana Laguna Phuket

One of the most happening places in South East Asia where culture meets entertainment is Thailand,which is known for Sun, Sand and Sea and patrons across the globe visit the place throughout the year and also known as the party destination and Phuket in South Thailand is a must Visit place in Your Bucket list for various reasons.Scroll down to know why:) Phuket should be one of the must visit places in your bucket list

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ये हमारे लिए आस्था नहीं, तर्क-वितर्क-बहस-विवाद की चौखट है

इस दरवाजे से हम सिर्फ गुजरते भर नहीं है, अपने भीतर मीडिया, संस्कृति और सामयिक संदर्भों को लेकर जो थोडी-बहुत समझ बनी है, इसी दरवाजे से होकर भीतर आयी है. सैंकड़ों बार इस दरवाजे से गुजरना हुआ है लेकिन किसी मस्जिद या मजार की चौखट की तरह नहीं, एक ऐसी जगह की तरह जहां से हम हर बार थोड़ा और तार्किक, ज्ञान के प्रति और ललक, नए विषयों के प्रति और जिज्ञासु होकर लौटते हैं.

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