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A Quick Look at Darjeeling Travel Guide Straddling a ridge 2200 meters above the sea level, surrounded by verdant tea plantations, with the majestic Kanchenjunga mountain range overlooking it, Darjeeling makes for one of most definitive hill stations not only in West Bengal but also across India. Dating back to the colonial era, the city offers some of the best experiences for the curious traveller. Apart from gazing at the magnificent Kanchenjunga range, you can explore the existing colonial era architecture, visit an

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Chakrata: Uttarakhand’s Hidden Treasure

Located 98 kilometers from Dehradun, Chakrata is definitely a hidden treasure of Uttarakhand. A small cantonment, if you are looking for a hill station that is calm and serene, Chakrata is the best possible option. Two major rivers – the Ton and the Yamuna pass through these regions and one can bask in the beauty of the same. Originally a cantonment of the British Indian Army, the region has emerged an attraction for travel enthusiasts.

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Movie Review: Roy: Watch the World Cup instead

Cast: Arjun Rampal, Jacqueline Fernandes, Ranbir Kapoor Directed by: Vikramjit Singh The movie is named after a titular character who actually plays an extended cameo role (Yes, Ranbir Kapoor! No prizes for guessing.) My question is why was the movie made in the first place? If you didn’t have a script, you should have casted Salman Khan, Mr. Vikramjeet Singh! There is nothing praise worthy in the film apart from the scenic locales of Malaysia.

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Luxury in the middle of nowhere – Pushkar Resorts, Rajasthan

Whenever you hear of Pushkar, your mind automatically thinks about the famous Pushkar Camel Fair that happens in the months of October, November every year. Few people inclined towards mythology may also know that Pushkar has the only Lord Brahma temple in the world. Other than that, Pushkar doesn’t seem to entice much interest in people. But did you know that it’s a wonderful getaway from Jaipur and even Delhi? Pushkar Resorts in Pushkar is just about

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ये मेरी दिल्ली को ना जाने क्या हो गया है

ये मेरी दिल्ली को ना जाने क्या हो गया है चुनावों  का मौसम आया तो वोटर खो गया है ये मेरी दिल्ली को ना जाने क्या हो गया है जो न हुआ था कभी वो सब अब हो गया है किसी ने किसी को छोडा तो कोई किसी का हो गया है ये मेरी दिल्ली को ना जाने क्या हो गया है लो देखो दिल्ली मे परिवारवाद का तो वजुद ही खो गया है उनके आर.टी.आई से

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AWAM Funding Allegation
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Who I think is in the wrong in the AWAM charges against Aam Aadmi Party

As far as I know, the transactions took place in April 2014. Please correct me over here if I am wrong. Every company has to have a Current Bank Account, and should be registered. It is the responsibility of the bank to verify the company, and they usually do this on their own, and on the basis of the documents provided by the Government of India. The company is registered after the Government of India

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Eat Walk Edinburgh Tour in Scotland

After checking into our hotel in Edinburgh, we were greeted by Julie of Eat Walk Edinburgh tours at the reception of Hotel Du Vin. Eat Walk Edinburgh walking tours took us through the historical heart of the city while allowing us the time to sample food and drink from some of Edinburgh’s unique restaurants, shops and bars. Between premises, our guide Julie, also pointed out interesting sights of the city and gave us advice on other places

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Reminiscing Saraswati Puja – The Childhood Way  

As a community, the Bengalis have always been associated with the finer things of life. Aesthetics defined their very existence. For example adjectives like gourmet and connoisseur of music and art are very commonly associated with them. Since music, art and scholastic are highly regarded by Bengalis, its no surprise that Saraswati Puja, the Goddess of Wisdom is widely celebrated by them with much pomp and pleasure. There goes a traditional saying in Bengal –

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Bangalore’s Winter- A Photoblog – 2

The first part of this photoblog with some really good misty pictures of an early morning in Bangalore can be found here. Overnight journey, sleep deprived people in speeding buses and cars are racing about on empty roads to get to their destination and warm up at their homes, and maybe even catch a power nap, before deciding to reluctantly turn up at work. When the night gives way to the morning, you have the

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Bangalore’s Winter- A Photoblog

While #DilliKiSardi is what people fondly remember when it comes to winter in India, there are other places, where winter may not be as strong, but it surely has its own character and colour. I live in Bangalore and Chennai, alternating between the cities. Given Chennai, has very little of what constitutes a winter, I decided to have a look at what an early morning in Bangalore looks like, given that the chill weather rarely

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