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श्रीदेवी वाकई मे फिल्मों की देवी थीं!

http://almanarastl.org/18-19_Al-Manara_Academy_Registration_Form आज मेरी दिन की शुरुआत एक दुखद समाचार से हुई। मशहूर अभिनेत्री श्रीदेवी का आज स्वर्गवास हुया। कुछ पल के लिए मानो समय थम गया हो। आजकल ‘फेक न्यूज़’ के चलते मैंने शुरू मे इस खबर को भी नज़रअंदाज़ करने की सोची लेकिन जब कई प्रमुख अखबार और न्यूज़ चैनलों ने ‘ब्रेकिंग न्यूज़’ पर इस विषय का सीधा प्रसारण किया तो मैं भौचक्का रह गया। कहना तो नहीं चाहिए लेकिन इस खबर को सुन मैंने

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Mining in Outer Space is going to become a reality

Noted English thinker Thomas Malthus famously commented that, ‘ As population would increase geometrically, doubling every 25 years, food production would only grow arithmetically, which would result in famine and starvation, unless births were controlled.’ Though the statement is 220 years old, it still holds credence! But what if we could actually acquire critical resources like water and energy, basic necessities for producing food, without burdening the earth? What if we could procure these items from an

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खाना वाकई मे खज़ाना है!

बचपन मे जब मैं खाना नष्ट करता था, तो मेरे परिवार वाले मुझे डांटते और कहते कि,“अन्न नष्ट करने का मतलब है किसी दुसरे को खाने से वांछित करना”। चूँकि मैं छोटा था, मुझे इसका मतलब समझ नहीं आया। जब मैं थोड़ा बड़ा हुआ और दुनिया दारी की मुझे समझ होने लगी, तब मुझे इस कथन का तात्पर्य पूर्ण रूप से समझ मे आया। अब मेरी कोशिश हमेशा से यही रहती है की यदि मैंने

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एक अध्बुध कलाकार, एक अध्बुध जीवन

कुछ दिन पहले ही मैं एक दुखद खबर से वाकिफ हुआ- अभिनेता टॉम आल्टर नहीं रहे। कुछ क्षण के लिए मानो समय रुक गया हो। मुझे ‘द ब्लू आइड साहेब’ से मिलने का मौका तो नसीब नहीं हुआ लेकिन उनके कुछ ज़बरदस्त कार्यक्रम देखने का मौका ज़रूर मिला। दूरदर्शन पर प्रसारित कई कार्यक्रमों से टॉम साहेब जुड़े रहे। 1997 मे ‘शक्तिमान’ धारावाहिक के  ‘महागुरु’ के किरदार से बच्चा-बच्चा वाकिफ है। टॉम साहेब का यह किरदार

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Big Boss 11:From Hina Khan To Dawood’s Son-In-Law, Know All About Contestants

“Contestants ke 12 bajane, iss baar padosi aa rahe hai” In the past two weeks ‘Colors’ made it a point to remind you about the new season of Big Boss, where superstar Salman Khan, was popping out of nowhere, in different avatars, shouting – “Badal gaya hai, badal gaya hai. Is baar sab kuch badal gaya hai.” Yesterday night, the 11th season of Big Boss was launched in the presence of Judwa 2 cast- Varun

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Inside Edge Review: Amazon Prime

Cast: Richa Chaddha, Vivek Oberoi, Angad Bedi, Tanuj Virwani, Sanjay Suri & Sayani Gupta. Created by: Karan Anshuman Okay then. How do we review a Web series? Do we do it on episode basis, or on the entire length? It’s a tough one. Especially for me, this is unchartered territory. I will try balancing the act, and do a little bit of both. Judging me by the opening paragraph, I am sure all of you

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ALL is FAIR in LUST and WAR: Random musings of a GoT FAN

If I had to challenge myself and try to sum up the complex world represented by Game of Thrones (GoT): People driven by their deepest desires take actions, which lead to their ultimate glory or ruin. In his own words, author George R.R Martin (GRRM) the mantra that drives his writings is the “STRUGGLE of the HUMAN HEART in CONFLICT WITH ITSELF”. What people do or fail to do to win this struggle, leads to

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When can we expect one good TV series in India?

In the year 1990, the US television industry was dominated by the over the top melodramatic daily soaps. They were the TV format which powered the TRPs and all the TV execs loved them. More and more of these soaps were commissioned to be made and there was no end near sight for these daily soaps. Then came a weekly television series by the name of Twin Peaks. It was unlike anything the US audience

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Stories By Rabindranath Tagore – They are EPIC

Have you ever experienced anything on the so called “idiot box”  that you thought spelled magic? Something that touched your heart, ignited your thoughts and soothed your soul? Well, last weekend I did…I was mesmerized…and trust me, I am not exaggerating. I am talking about EPIC Channel’s Show “Stories By Rabindranath Tagore”…Stories that are like sea waves that caress and unsettle you at the same time. Feminism is the common theme across most of these

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Choosing Simple Methods With regard to arabic voice over

Arabic voice over transported trojans and / or botnets within your laptop yet another internet-compatible apparatus within these e mails coupled with steal your personal related information. A Adobe arabic voice over incident is truly a wake-up necessitate individuals that currently really do not experience the effusion of information basic safety. You should always be equipped and guarded with the arabic voice over that search online for latest procedures day to day to actually occupy

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