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Inside Edge Review: Amazon Prime

Cast: Richa Chaddha, Vivek Oberoi, Angad Bedi, Tanuj Virwani, Sanjay Suri & Sayani Gupta. Created by: Karan Anshuman Okay then. How do we review a Web series? Do we do it on episode basis, or on the entire length? It’s a tough one. Especially for me, this is unchartered territory. I will try balancing the act, and do a little bit of both. Judging me by the opening paragraph, I am sure all of you

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ALL is FAIR in LUST and WAR: Random musings of a GoT FAN

If I had to challenge myself and try to sum up the complex world represented by Game of Thrones (GoT): People driven by their deepest desires take actions, which lead to their ultimate glory or ruin. In his own words, author George R.R Martin (GRRM) the mantra that drives his writings is the “STRUGGLE of the HUMAN HEART in CONFLICT WITH ITSELF”. What people do or fail to do to win this struggle, leads to

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When can we expect one good TV series in India?

In the year 1990, the US television industry was dominated by the over the top melodramatic daily soaps. They were the TV format which powered the TRPs and all the TV execs loved them. More and more of these soaps were commissioned to be made and there was no end near sight for these daily soaps. Then came a weekly television series by the name of Twin Peaks. It was unlike anything the US audience

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Stories By Rabindranath Tagore – They are EPIC

Have you ever experienced anything on the so called “idiot box”  that you thought spelled magic? Something that touched your heart, ignited your thoughts and soothed your soul? Well, last weekend I did…I was mesmerized…and trust me, I am not exaggerating. I am talking about EPIC Channel’s Show “Stories By Rabindranath Tagore”…Stories that are like sea waves that caress and unsettle you at the same time. Feminism is the common theme across most of these

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Choosing Simple Methods With regard to arabic voice over

Arabic voice over transported trojans and / or botnets within your laptop yet another internet-compatible apparatus within these e mails coupled with steal your personal related information. A Adobe arabic voice over incident is truly a wake-up necessitate individuals that currently really do not experience the effusion of information basic safety. You should always be equipped and guarded with the arabic voice over that search online for latest procedures day to day to actually occupy

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Those 90’s Shows: 5 Hindi TV Serials I Grew Up With

While Indian Film Industry has improved by leaps and bounds in last the decade, be it scripts or acting or editing, same can’t be said about our TV industry which in my opinion has actually degraded in terms of stories and pacing. Presentation wise there has been a marked improvement but that was bound to happen as technology has improved too. I firmly believe that quality and content wise TV industry was much better in

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The disastrous palanquin of wishes – Doli Armaano Ki – A review.

Doli Armaano Ki means palanquin of desires/ wishes – disastrous! Samrat, the main protagonist, has the following qualities: He is a wife beater A womanizer A cheater Rude, cruel…basically every possible vice that a man can possess. Do not forget to watch his Mother – very important character in this serial.  She supports all his vices as if they were his virtues! She is basically shown as a jahil-ganwaar (stupid & ignorant – like you

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Dastaan as Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam!

Discussing about the most talked about Pakistani serial – Dastaan Airing in India on Zindagi under the title Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam Haseen sitam? What is so haseen (beautiful) about this story? How can such a sad and gory story of Bano be renamed as ‘Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam’? These guys never went to school? Never studied Hindi? Honestly, such serials should not be shown anymore and be completely banned. Films like Pinjar, Gadar, 1947 Earth –

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Youtube Channels To Watch When You Feel Down!!

Everyone feels down and in bad time we all need someone or something which can cheer us up , Gone are the days when youngsters used to share the depression with their mates or relatives now they want to solve the problems themselves , we all spend a lot of time on Youtube, Read the channels to get best out of you when you  are angry or Depressed!! These to me are the best Youtube

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Teleserial – Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh – What is it trying to convey?

This serial is seriously asking us one thing – Should women be nice, simple & sober or bold, complex and aggressive to survive in today’s world? Serial (cereal?) Synopsis – Mother – of 3 children – Samarth, Sarika, Garima. Blind in son’s love. Blindly supports son. Obeys her aggressive children silently – or else they’ll probably kick her out! Strict on sober Garima! Samarth – Politician – Corrupt, debauch, womanizer – husband of Shobha. Sarika

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