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Why Only Idiots Will Criticise #Facebook #Lookback

I had used the #lookback tool yesterday and figured out that after almost a year of doing nothing around personalized sentiments Facebook is back with a bang. There was something in lookback that almost everyone looked at it with love. It is very easy to criticise and very tough (considering its human nature) to appreciate. This time though even the worst critics had no reason to boomerang. Here are three reasons. 1. Look back made

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#Facts About #Microsoft’s New Indian CEO, #SatyaNadella

Finally the tech giant Microsoft has announced insider Satya Nadella as its new CEO. While Nadella joins the growing list of India-born executives heading major global corporations, very less is known about his personal & professional journey. He’s only the third CEO in Microsoft’s 38-year history. Mission Sharing Knowledge puts forth a few facts on the new Microsoft CEO. 1. Nadella was born in Hyderabad, India. His father, B.N. Yugandhar was a member of the elite Indian Administrative

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Social Web-In Your Locality

With the advent of technology, the cost of owning a handset and cost of accessing the internet through a mobile device has come down. Given that each of these mobiles subscribe to a platform(Symbian/iPhone/Blackberry/Android), its not too difficult in concentrating apps for social connectivity. There exists a huge Indian market, waiting to be tapped. The market, that I am mentioning is your vegetable vendor, the auto-driver who plies between the crooked lanes, the hospital nurse

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Switching From iPhone To Android: Google’s Eric Schmidt Guides

So the trolling is now complete as Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt took over iPhone in a 900-word guide on his Google Plus page telling users how to switch from iPhone to Android. The ‘guide’ as he calls it was first spotted by The Verge. Frankly we did not believe this because it isn’t often that Mr. Schmidt writes on his + page but when he does everyone definitely notices. The guide talks about how ‘many’ of

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A Virtual World Called Facebook

May be I am an old school guy who has problems like drying up of my salary account by the time second week begins, annoying landlord, scoring a girlfriend and even more problematic is the process of ensuring that she stays. There are such problems and then there are people with problems like Facebook problems and these are not one or two separate Kabila groups of people but are humans in today’s Net Gen society. These are men who

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Augmented Reality Development & Google’s next claim to AR

We are becoming increasingly proficient with technology. From the voice commands to the satellite navigation systems, technology is assisting us in everyday life. I am not stating this as a point to freak out on! But how many times have we been prompted by Google’s auto-correct while typing in mail or how many times we have blindly trusted it to correct out the spellings and the context of a word by auto spell. We are

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Supplier Network Behind The New Boeing Dreamliner

The supply chain behind the in-development Boeing’s Dreamliner (787) has found itself in the news circle right from the time of its revelation. After almost 2 years of delay in its commercial launch, many are now convicting the structure of 787′s supply chain for its problems. 787 has about 50 suppliers from United States and the rest of world. To make a 787 fly, Boeing needs to accumulate ready to assemble parts to its factory

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Email – A Personal Liability

Disha Shah an investigative auditor in one of the world’s big four audit firms talks of how much we keep at stake when we share official and personal information over e-mail. An intriguing read How often do we think about the information we share over an email? How often do we think before we forward an office email to our personal email? Have you ever sent an email with your personal information on it? I

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Movie Review: Jobs: A Complex Man, A Complex Story

Cast: Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney, and Josh Gad. Introduction: Steve Jobs was a complex man as long as he lived, the film is no different. Premise: JOBS is a competent retelling of Steve’s life till he took control of Apple Inc. in the nineties. Plot: The film opens in 2001 at the launch of the iPod. And then traces the journey of the greatest innovator from his formative years in college to his wayward actions

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An Open Letter To Mr. Milind Deora

Dear Mr. Deora, Thanks for a great article in TOI of August 14, 2013. It was enlightening to hear the views of one of our elected representatives on a topic that’s close to the hearts of many a youngster in this country. However, some points you raised are worthy of a debate, the benefits of which you’ve extolled in your article, and hence a response was warranted. I will try to summarize your main points

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