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English Premier League: Season 2014-15 So Far

The season is almost over with just 2 games left and the champions are already decided. All 4 UEFA Champions League places are also confirmed barring some miracle by Liverpool which looks highly unlikely at this moment. So lets rewind the major talking points of season 2014-15 in the English Premier League. THE TRANSFER WINDOW Transfer window in a world cup year is always interesting with new superstars emerging and a few more millions get

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Happy Birthday Little Master: Long live Sachin

It has been almost sixteen months since our beloved cricketer called it quits. Yet his birthday today, brings in so many memories we all want to share. Even today we want to remember his accolades, his feats, those moments when we the common people had a chance to either see him or the lucky few who met him. These memories will always come out of the closet on special occasions like his birthday. What makes

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Sachin Tendulkar Revives School Memories with Vinod Kambli

Best memories are always with school friends. Sachin Tendulkar also believes it. The Indian cricket legend has posted a photograph in his personal Instagram account and, you guessed it right, the frame has chum Vinod Kambli in it. Sweet memories always get the better of not-so-sweet present. In recent years, Tendulkar’s relationship with Kambli has not been in the best of health. Kambli’s life has been dogged by controversies and with his cricket career going

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Kaun Banega Coach? Can Ganguly, Dravid Work Under Ravi Shastri?

Dean Jones has made an out-of-the-box “two-coach” proposal to India’s cricket bosses who sit down later this month to choose Duncan Fletcher’s replacement. The Zimbabwean, who replaced Gary Kirsten after the 2011 World Cup, ended his tumultuous assignment with BCCI after India bowed out in the semifinals of the World Cup Down Under. Jones pointed out India have some great options in Sourav Ganguly (for shorter formats like T20s and ODIs) and Rahul Dravid (Tests).

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Daniel Vettori Unsung Hero of Black Caps

Daniel Vettori, a bespectacled left arm spinner was the youngest player of Black Caps when he made his debut in 1996-97 at the age of 18 years. By far, he is the most capped player in both Test Matches and ODI Matches for New Zealand. A decade and half has followed since then, but Daniel Vettori continues to remain one of the best left-arm spinners in world cricket today. His talent is so evident that

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Australia look heavyweight against Resurgent New Zealand

The 4 best teams have made it to the semi finals. 2 of three most complete sides have figured a ticket on the plane to the MCG. Similar to 2011, the world cup final is being contested between host nations, bringing to the fore a new trend of perceived home advantage. The year 2013 was all about home advantage as observed in Test Match cricket and in the IPL. The 2015 world cup has caught

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The Helicopter that never took off

The Mahabharata had a character called Abhimanyu-son of the warrior prince Arjuna. Abhimanyu was known for his prowess in slicing through army formations, but had an Achilles heel that let him down in the war. He did not quite know to end his way through, out of an army formation. He basically did not finish well if we could say so, keeping the context on cricket. Talk about finishing well, the 90’s generation would auto

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It wasn’t the Indian team but Times Now that shamed the nation

The year was 2005; Liverpool was playing AC Milan in the champion’s league final. At half time Liverpool was trailing 3-0. On their way out, during the break the AC Milan players kissed the trophy, believing that it was theirs. Then in the second half with fourteen minutes to play, Liverpool did the unthinkable. They scored three goals and eventually won the game on penalties. The significance of this story in today’s context is that

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The Battle Royale: Where the heart and mind went with different Teams

Long after the last spectator at the Garden of Eden has left for their quaint little homes. Long after the din of furious key strokes pounding at the keyboards has fallen silent and match reports are submitted. Long after the night sky had cleared enough of the electric fireworks. The pitch at the Garden of Eden will stare into the open sky, her companion when the game ceases to exist and open her heart out

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