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An Insight into the minds of Pakistani hockey players

buy cheap prednisone online Sporting encounters between India & Pakistan are the epitome of fierce rivalry. Over-the-top & exaggerated celebrations by the winning team are very common. But the ‘celebrations’ carried out by Pakistan hockey team after the semifinals match against India in Champions Trophy held recently crossed all the limits of exuberation and decency. Spirit of sports was sacrificed at the altar of a ‘middle-finger’. Pakistan hockey team thereafter is in the eye of a storm and has

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Aady Zakir writes on Pakistan Hockey’s Struggling State

Today is 4th Dec 1994 and Its 6:30AM. Mom is just going to wake me up for school and I hate going there. Knock knock! Mom ‘Hurry up AD wake up son I need to go office early today common Son”. I get up with a lot of heart pain and get ready quickly. While having breakfast I noticed dad is not ready and it looked like he was not headed to office. I asked him and

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