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Team India And The Unrealistic Media Expectations

buy generic prednisone As the unsuccessful tours of South Africa and New Zealand slowly recede to the background and expectations are set around the Asia Cup which is to begin soon, one can hear the common lament that a good showing in Asia Cup followed by IPL will sweep the problems, plaguing the Indian cricket team especially when it travels abroad, under the carpet. I would like to take a slightly heretical viewpoint in this article in terms

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50 First Dates

The concept of Adam Sandler, trying to woo Drew Barrymore, every single day for 50 days, to me reflected a sense of achievement, as it was against the tide of Drew Barrymore’s short-term memory loss. Every day was a new day, where Adam Sandler had to start from scratch to woo her, and all his hard work would be negated at the end of the day, as Drew Barrymore would have forgotten what happened earlier

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Total Recall 2013: Sachin Retirement Stole All Cricketing Limelight

The year 2013 was quite a year for the institution of Cricket. It had its nadirs and zeniths, but a few of them stand out in the brain’s primary memory when I reflect the year gone by. The ‘Tigers’ at Home Theory: World cricket is slowly getting to a stage when most teams are becoming tigers at home, and lambs abroad. You would associate this phenomenon with India over the 90’s, but globally this year,

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Total Recall 2013: What Happened In The World Of Sports

2013 was a tough year for sports enthusiasts. From dope to fixing to big players retiring from the sports, everything brought the fan to tears. At the same time though there were joyous moments. Here are a list of five such big moments from the sporting arena that made the fan think, laugh, cry, excited and touched all his emotions inside. 1. Lance Armstrong says the tough word “Yes”: This would mean no legend of

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Sachin, After The 24-Year-Old Sunset

There was an era when nine out of the ten cricketers India produced came from Mumbai. Then the numbers started to dwindle, and today the city has lost the charm of producing special talent. What went wrong in here? ‘Harsha Bhogle’ had written in one of his blogs for Cricinfo that ‘the pressure from parents post investment, to the coaches who needed to deliver quickly resulted in talent becoming mechanical and nurturing took a back

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Sreesanth: Speed Kills

If S. Sreesanth had been able to keep his life half as straight as the seam position of his deliveries, life would have been different, feels Jaideep Ghosh One can only feel a little sorry for the cricketers who got snared in the match-fixing case. Their real crime was that they got caught, in a world where the media is as virulent as it is extensive. Twenty years ago, they could have cried their way

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Let’s Pledge To Sledge! Err I Hate Grammar! Cricket’s Best Battles

The purists hate the idea of sledging; it apparently spoils the crease of their suits. The broadcasters love the banter amongst the players as it fills their coffers a little more, than expected. Cricket as they say is played between two teams of eleven players each, every era has seen domination by one team, but the winners of sledging still remain undecided. Here are a few from trip down memory lane, enjoy and savor the

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Indian Street Cricket From The Eyes Of Jack Hoyle – 3

The final part of the three-part series on Street Cricket in India from Jack Hoyle. Watching these pics and his travel, one thing is sure, he definitely has a good book in his camera. Looking forward to much more from him.  A youngster waits in the wings as the older boys show him how it’s done. Next man in. It’s not just boys who are mad about cricket, plenty of girls are too. A group

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Depleted India Rout Zimbabwe To Take The ODI Series

After M S Dhoni’s heroics in the final of the tri-series in the Caribbean, India embarked on yet another ODI series, this time against Zimbabwe. India was expected to dominate and probably win the series, but this 5-0 whitewash is slightly unexpected. Die-hard Indian supporters may vehemently disagree with this, but I am saying this on two counts. One is that India went in to the series with a new look squad with the likes

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Indian Street Cricket From The Eyes Of Jack Hoyle – 2

Here’s presenting the second part of the three-part series on Street Cricket in India from Jack Hoyle. Watching these pics and his travel, one thing is sure, he definitely has a good book in his camera.  The batsman makes a dash for it and picks up a quick single. Any patch of land will do. A recently ploughed field hosts an impromptu game. The ball gets lost down a rabbit hole A young batsman takes

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