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Inside Edge Review: Amazon Prime

Cast: Richa Chaddha, Vivek Oberoi, Angad Bedi, Tanuj Virwani, Sanjay Suri & Sayani Gupta. Created by: Karan Anshuman Okay then. How do we review a Web series? Do we do it on episode basis, or on the entire length? It’s a tough one. Especially for me, this is unchartered territory. I will try balancing the act, and do a little bit of both. Judging me by the opening paragraph, I am sure all of you must have figured out, that I am nervous. Much like the makers of this show, who have done several films in the past, but this

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Dhoni- Dhoni: The monk who does not have to sell his Ferrari

 I thought of several titles to describe Mahendra Singh Dhoni: Zen master, Fire fighter, Tight rope walker, Deadly Finisher, Captain Cool. But I realized the most defining quality of Dhoni is his ability to be still and calm in the midst of chaos and imminent risk and high-pressure situations. It is far easier to remain at peace in a forest meditating alone, than to drive a Ferrari in full speed with a knife waiting to behead you everytime you fail the expectations of a billions cricket loving souls. Yet that is Dhoni’s unenviable job everyday.   For a 90s kid

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Fed Up!

Just those two words. I found them on the Facebook wall of a longtime friend and an unabashed Federer fan after he lost to Milos Raonic 6-3, 6-7, 4-6, 7-5, 6-3 in a humdinger of a battle on the Centre court on Friday. Playing desperate catch up with Raonic all through, the lasting image of the match came in the fifth set with Federer throwing himself to reach out for the passing shot, only to lie flat on the turf, accentuating worries about his operated knee and pretty much sealing the fate of the match. He did wake up to

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The maestro, he is at it again

On its official page, Wimbledon called the back from behind triumph of Roger Federer against Marin Cilic as “Extraordinary. Exhausting. Exhilarating.” That kind of title would have befitted the finals played between Djokovic and Federer last year- high on intensity, drama, and sublime ability. Unlike then though, Federer had the last laugh against Cilic. If the finals last year broke the hearts, this one sowed the seeds of hope of the eighth title. Yet again.   Between that final and the quarters yesterday, Federer is a changed man.   Federer lost to Djoko in the finals last year because he was

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Virat Kohli, the CEO

Virat Kohli is probably enjoying a kind of form now that even if he tries, and edges one to the keeper, the ball will fly over him. And let’s just not limit it to his batting. He is fielding tremendously and just when you think India miss an idea or two because the captain is the wicketkeeper far flung from the running in pace bowlers, here is Kohli at mid-off, chatting, ideating and encouraging the bowlers. These attributes are perfect for a manager. Attributes like leading from the front with your own form, encouraging your teammates by not just your

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Why I will keep watching the IPL year after year

There is a lot of talk around office and elsewhere amongst pals as to how the interest in IPL is waning. How people are now not that excited as the “India Ka Tyohaar” eighth edition has begun. There is an overdose of cricket and there is little quality in watching bowlers being smacked in batting friendly wickets and smaller grounds. The number of blogs and comments that are anti-IPL have become a tad too much and I thought there is a need to explain reasons why folks like us (lets count many of the cricket fans as me) love the

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Meet Nitin Sachinist, the man who named him after Sachin Tendulkar

Hi everyone.. I am Nitin Sachinist. A devotee of the man popularly known as God of cricket ”SACHIN TENDULKAR”. My passion and love towards the legend and cricket started during childhood around at the age of 10 if I remember right. Since then I am his fan and as I grow old, of all my habits, the only thing that remains is the love towards him. Sometimes when I play cricket I try copying him but fail badly considering I am not even .0000001 close to the legend. Whenever I talk of Sachin Tendulkar I don’t know how to express

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