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खाना वाकई मे खज़ाना है!

go to link बचपन मे जब मैं खाना नष्ट करता था, तो मेरे परिवार वाले मुझे डांटते और कहते कि,“अन्न नष्ट करने का मतलब है किसी दुसरे को खाने से वांछित करना”। चूँकि मैं छोटा था, मुझे इसका मतलब समझ नहीं आया। जब मैं थोड़ा बड़ा हुआ और दुनिया दारी की मुझे समझ होने लगी, तब मुझे इस कथन का तात्पर्य पूर्ण रूप से समझ मे आया। अब मेरी कोशिश हमेशा से यही रहती है की यदि मैंने

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Love Relationship Social Work

An Open Letter from Love Matters India for you

Hi there! Got a minute to talk love and relationships? We have all been in love at some point, or are looking for it right now. Love and relationships are a very important aspect of our life. We meet people, and sometimes fall in love with them. And, while there is a lot of excitement during the initial phase of romance, there are also times when we realize that maintaining a healthy and happy relationship

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The Agonies of a Road

Hard and rough in nature that gets its existence through stones, whose destiny is to always remain under the feet of its dear ones and whose duty is to lead those multitudinous tramplers to their destination. Yes, I am referring to the Road. Surprised? I am an inseparable part of your lives and you are the people who have populated my world with your hubbub. I stand by you in your joys and sorrows.  I

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Featured India Legends Poetry Social Issues Social Work Top

To Our Brave Heroes: A Poem Saluting The Indian Army

(The recent flooding in and around Jammu & Kashmir has taken a toll on the lives of our people, damaged life and resources, and been a horrible experience overall. But it has once again demonstrated, that no matter whatever the challenges may be, the fearless, selfless and glorious Indian Army will always live to defend the nation from all calamities. The glorious army of India, those fearless and brave souls who smile as they lay

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Featured Feminism Poverty Short Story Social Issues Social Values and Norms Social Work Top Work

Nakusha: A Flickering Lamp Of Hope? A Story Of Empowerment?

Nakusha wakes up at four. She, along with the other women of nearby huts, has to finish her daily ablutions in the nearby field before the sun rises, thus affording her some sense of privacy. Then she has to collect and store water required for cooking, bathing and drinking for the whole day from the sole common tap for their colony of about 100 households. She then has to start preparing the meals for her

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Corruption Crime Featured India Rape Social Work Top

Ditch The Auto, Drop The Bike, Leave The Car…. Board The Bus!

Breakthrough, a global human rights organization working towards making violence against women and girls unacceptable, started ‘Board the Bus’ campaign on March 8 this year. The campaign aims to raise awareness of public safety issues that pose a daily threat to women. Sonali Khan, Country Director, Breakthrough shares the campaign’s progress in the past one month and discusses what more needs to be done to empower the women commuters in Delhi’s buses. Q: Was the idea of ‘Board

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Education Featured Generation Y India Poverty Social Work Top Youth Pulse

What Devotion! Shopkeeper Runs School Under Yamuna Bank Metro Station’s Bridge

Morning commuters at the Yamuna Bank Metro Station would often see small kids rushing under the bridge with bags and books. Like other kids of their age, they are also going to school; however, their school doesn’t have walls, windows or even a name. Surprised, don’t be as the importance of this school is the fact that it is run by a shopkeeper, Rajesh Kumar (43), who does not get undermined by these trivial factors.

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शिक्षा से बच्चों को रोशन करता मोबाइल स्कूल

शान्ती की उम्र 13 साल है और वह रोजाना लाल बत्ती पर भीख मांगती है लेकिन अब वह रोजाना नाइट स्कूल में पढ़ रही है । पढ़ाई का ज्यादा मतलब उसे नहीं पता क्योंकि वह पहली बार स्कूल में पेंसिल पकड़ना सीख रही है थोड़ा शरमाती भी है लेकिन उसकी ख्वाहिश है कि वह आगे चलकर मैडम बने । उसी तरह सुनीता जो 10 साल की है अपनी दो बहनों के साथ ढोलक और रिंग लेकर

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My Role Model Mr. PR Mishra – The Real Entrepreneur and Visionary

The year was 1958, a young man of 32 from a very backward town in Bihar boarded the ship to America to study Environment and Soil Management. At home, he had his parents,wife and 4 children the youngest of them of being just one. For two years at the University of Utah (USA), he did everything possible to make ends meet and completed his education. Once back home, he joined the SOIL CONVERSATION DEPARTMENT OF

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Living on the Edge

It was one of those late Friday evenings when you are ready to embrace the weekend after work. I was hastening to the subway to catch a train home. In the subway I found a group of people who were putting in herculean efforts for a little attention from the rushing commuters. You must be wondering what were these people doing, and why did they have to put herculean efforts to seek attention. The group

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