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Women…and India’s National Fabric

http://mo-pie.com/index.php?rest_route=/ The reprehensible way India treats its women is too well known to be appalling. And yet with almost every rising sun dawns a gruesome tale of horrendous atrocities against one or more of the fairer sex–heinous accounts that bring to the fore the abysmal depths depraved humanity is capable of plummeting into. Threadbare though this issue has been laid, we as a nation are still in our infancy so far as moral consciousness is concerned.

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एक नई तवायफ़

उस दिन मैं चांदनी चौक से गुज़र रहा था। बहुत दिनों बाद इस रास्ते से होकर जा रहा था। ये रास्ता मेरे लिए नया नहीं था। लेकिन आगे जो कुछ होने जा रहा था वो नया था… और मैं उससे बेख़बर था… दिग्विजय अपनी रफ़्तार में था… हम दोनों बातें करते हुए आगे बढ़ रहे थे… अचानक एक हाथ ने हमें रुकने को मजबूर कर दिया… इस हाथ के पीछे का शख़्स बेहद अजीब था…

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Are You Superstitious Or Religious?

Religion and superstition, how do we draw the distinction? Lets think like this.  If you have ‘faith’ it would be very hypocritical to look at your faith as above and more ‘rational’ than someone else’s faith just because they do not appeal to your sensibilities. There are many similarities than we may actually be ready to accept(Religion vs. Superstition). Well that is a good topic for a discussion, which just came up when I started

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Who Could She Tell

These days she could not sleep. She could see her husband and children sleep peacefully beside her and envied them. After the backbreaking work of a whole day, the household chore, the daily farm work, she was exhausted but could not seem to sleep. As soon as she lied down, the stifling feeling arose within her along with a restlessness that she could not describe. It had been a month now. She had not told

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Relationships – The Essence Of Life

Relationships are delicate. Once broken, it can’t be restored to its originality. Certain relationships are by their very nature strong like the bonding between parents and children and the bonding between say two cousins. These relationships by virtue of being in the same family are bound firmly. A few other relationships are transactional in nature and are transient. For example, we may hire an auto rickshaw to go to a place and during the journey

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जवानी के दहलीज पर बीटीया चढी नही कि मॉ बाप कुछ बेचैन हो जाते है अब हवा भी डराती है उन बुजुर्गो को जिनकी बीटीया घर की चौखट लाघ जाती है धनिया सोच के चलना तुम मॉ बाप की कमाई हो तुम्हारी फैसले उनकी उम्र की सीमा बढाते है बदलता वक्त हर वक्त उन से एक सवाल करता है कि मिला जो तुम को उनसे तुम कितना सम्भाल पाती हो जमाने की ताडती निगाहे जब

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Logic Missing In Law Sometimes: Can It Be Superceded?

True logic is the pillar of law or is it isn’t it should be. It is the duty of law and law enforcing institutions to give justice to the victim. In the heinous crime committed by six savage individuals in the chilling December night of 2012 in the nations capital in a running bus, what baffles the most is the judgment meted out to the youngest perpetrator of the crime. Here in this article we

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Some Thoughts On Caste…

I saw the Hindi film Aarakshan recently… Having watched it I thought I would share the thoughts that crossed my mind while watching this movie. Personally, I have been blissfully ignorant of caste and its politico-socio- economic impacts for most part of my life. This is partly because of being brought up in a very protective and sheltered life and partly because my parents have not conditioned me in such a manner during my childhood.

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She.. A Woman

The Sex, Once known, it remains To be seen, If she would see light Or murdered she would be Within, Will this world, she see?? By birth, it’s decided, Her future, Her thoughts, conditioned to submit, Her Voice, subdued and restricted Every step she is made to realize that she is different, Through Rebuke, Idealization, Emotion or something else She is made to feel different, think different The Child is moulded into a ‘She’ Growing

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Change Is The Only Constant?

‘Change is the only constant’ It is a translation or interpretation of a quote by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, ‘Nothing Endures but Change’. This reminds me what our Integrated Marketing Communication Prof used to say, ‘ Change is changing!!’ We used to laugh so often at this!! But it is true, I believe. Change can be felt all around us and even within us at all times. From the evident changes in technology, development, science,

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