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My dream is to fly

click here Baabush loved to fly kites. He could run along the railway tracks all day, waiting for the gush of air to pick pace as the trains screeched past him. When the winds made their way through the cramped lines, his kite soared, lifting his spirits along. He jumped with joy when his kite went high, as high as the planes that flew in the sky. “Didi, main badaa hoke hawaai jahaaz udaana chahta hun”. I

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सोच बदलो..सब बदलेगा..

एक लडकी..सहूलियत के लिये कोई भी नाम रख लीजिये चलिये निकी नाम रख लेते है उम्र तकरीबन 12-14 साल स्कूल के लिये घर से निकलती है। पडोस के गुप्ता अंकल (उम्र 40-45 साल) अपने घर के बरामदे मे रिलैक्स चेयर पर बैठे हुये है। निकी ने “नमस्ते अंकल” कहा –जैसा कि बचपन से कहती आई है। गुप्ता अंकल ने भी संपूर्ण सह्रयदता से नमस्ते कहा और भावविह्वल होकर पास बुलाया। निकी खुश होकर दौडी और

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Punishment Posting; Life after Death – A Story

A short story on karma & consequent astral chart configuration. Raghuveer Malhotra was a very successful Industrialist. At the mere age of 49 he had built up an entire empire of his own- from scratch! He had just been to an interview with Doordarshan and was driving back home. He loved driving his own car and the one he was driving right now had recently been imported from UK, tailor made for him. He was

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बेग़म एक हुकुम की उर्फ़ ब्लैक क्वीन – भाग ३

झालरों की जगमगाहट दूर ही से बता देती थी कि ये शादी के उत्सव की चकाचोंध है। पूरी गली के सर पर पंडाल तना था। अप्रैल की चढ़ती गर्मी में शादी थी। उदास सी शाम हल्के-हल्के हाँफ रही थी और ऐसा लगता था जैसे आंधी आने के आसार हों। किसी ने आवाज़ लगाई, अरे भई राजू जल्दी-जल्दी जाओ कल के लिए जनवासे का इंतजाम देखो। भई जितेन्दर कहाँ है अब? पता है किसी को। अरे गोल कमरे में पत्ते खेल

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That girl with the red scarf: 2

Continued from Part one here But for the entire humanity, “I am a rape victim” was what she said. I stood cold and just could exclaim a loud “what”, which testified her fault.  She left after that. The tears that rolled out this time from her eyes were crying out loud. “It was not my mistake and I am a victim not the reprobate”. I stood blank thinking about her, what was she expecting? May

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A budding romance

“Rahul… Naam toh suna hoga” said he, holding his hand for her to shake.  She let out a tiny smile and took his hand. An SRK fan. This one will be fun to talk to. “Simran”, she said. “Really?” “Yes really. I was born in the 80s and my granddad named me Simran much before Aditya Chopra had even thought of DDLJ” And that’s how it had started… Simran met Rahul at Madras Cafe in

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Hum Gundey hai…

It was a month end. Time to collect payoff. A busy day had almost ended. He was playing his favorite 3 patti, listening to radio with his business partners, Sahil and Boxer Chotu. This dark, dingy and smoke-filled garage, with a bulb, a table and few chairs was the place where the  monthly collection got stacked up. The lone bulb lit up their faces partially. The money coming in will be used to keep top

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She replied : “Engagement ka kya hai, wo to kabhi bhi tut jaata hai”

Papa: Beta, don’t call or interact with that Girl now…its all over. Kumar: what happened dad! please tell me… Papa: Nothing son, You just focus on your career, Girl’s father is not responding.. Forget that you were engaged with anyone, we would find the best one. Kumar didn’t say anything for just a minute…after a minute he said: Okay! He went back inside the room and all memories boomeranged in his mind. 4 months Back,

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That girl with the red scarf

Scarfs are unusual in summers and that too at a metro station in the morning rush or was I wrong again about girls? My daily monotonous journey to my office was getting motivating for this first time. I started coming early to catch the metro but ended up late almost every time for the office. I had to see her daily no matter what. Waiting for her was becoming like a monologue but a brilliant

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The Ring

I found a ring on the floor, the other day: a glint, a wink that caught the sunlight every time I moved my head. No one noticed me as I stood. No one looked over as picked it up. It must have been expensive; a solid gold band, with a thin wire of silver wrapped around like the delicate silk from a spider’s web. It weighed more than I expected it to and as I

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