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#BetterDemocracy- Policy Paralysis in Legalization of Prostitution in India As the National Commission for Women (NCW) official Lalitha Kumaramangalam raised the issue of legalizing prostitution, mobilization of public debates in favor of this proposition gained momentum. It is being argued that creating a legal framework for regulating prostitution will prevent trafficking and improve the health conditions of workers and clients which might curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Legalizing prostitution will ensure that sex workers enjoy the basic rights in a democratic

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Is India democratic enough for Homosexuals, Bisexuals and Transgenders? #BetterDemocracy

Chapter XVI, section 377 of the IPC mentions that whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against ‘the order of nature’ with any man, woman or animal, shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of either description for term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine. This section criminalises homosexuality in India and along with that it does not extend any rights to the entire LGBT community. The

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Sexual Politics and Rights of the LGBT Community in India

kytril nebenwirkungen 40mg The social and legal status of LGBT persons is influenced by a dominant perception that it defies Indian morals and values. ‘Homosexuality’ is considered to be an outcome of Western culture and is criminalized to ensure that Indians don’t align with ideological borrowings from a foreign society. The entire debate about the LGBT rights in India has been stirred by the idea of morality as sexual politics come to fore. A closer inspection will reveal

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Battered Angels of India

Human society has been a stage where violence and atrocities against women have been witnessed yet overlooked. Every decade documents occurrences of heinous crimes against women that pull the masses out of their slumber. However, these incidents do nothing more than draw the people out on the streets for a day or two. Protests are held, people shout to deaf ears of the judicial system and finally retreat into their own homes leaving the souls

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Is Only Media To Be Blamed for the Shweta Basu Story?

“Oh! To be a child star-to find fame and fortune before you’re able to set your own bedtime”. Today as the national award-winning actor Shweta Basu is embroiled in a prostitution racket controversy, I am getting sick seeing the wrong questions being asked. By raising our doubts on the ethics of the news channels, we are just using an easy way out and exposing ourselves to the ignorance we have towards such issues. Tell me,

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Movie Review Hate Story
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Movie Review: Hate Story 2: A Charged-Up Erotic Thriller

Cast: Surveen Chawla, Jay Bhanushali, Sushant Singh & Siddharth Kher. Directed by: Vishal Pandya. Disclaimer: Hate Story 2 doesn’t waste time establishing priorities. This is one charged-up erotic thriller — gory, lurid and without a politically correct thought in its empty head. Still, director Vishal Pandya’s cinematic wet dream delivers the goods, especially when Surveen Chawla struts on with enough come-on carnality to light up the screen. Plot: Surveen is madly in love with Jay.

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Should #SexEducation Be Added To The Existing Indian Curriculum?

We all know how the general Indian public feels about Sex Education, one of those controversial topics that revolve around some rather touchy issues which have been hushed by the majority of our society for a long time. However, as India gradually awakens, fuelled by the spirit of a seemingly all-pervading globalization, people have started doubting their age-old customs. In the light of Skepticism, as the followers of the famed Hellenistic philosopher Pyrrho would say, we are beginning to

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Because Sex Sells!

You see it on TV ads, you see in the latest Hollywood blockbusters, music videos; you see it everywhere! Yesterday, I was browsing through the Calcutta edition of the Times of India when I spotted a pretty inane story about how a movie poster was not passed by the West Bengal Censor Board because it was too vulgar. The image is below so you can judge for yourselves. The director was complaining about the Board’s

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Does Gender Based Vocabulary Tend To Keep Up Sexist Practices?

There are social norms that define our sexist vocabulary, and the same vocabulary when used in and out of the workplace tends to point out towards the gender hierarchy. No matter how much we Indians believe in gender equality, we always tend to use sexist adjectives when it comes to women, which infers that we men indeed want to subjugate women. So, is our behaviour and the vocabulary so inherent in us, like from birth

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Pornography, Subordination Of Women And Sexual Pleasure

We live in a patriarchal society, where male dominance in the society is a well-recognized norm and often non-rebuttable. We say, “Law is above all”, and even the same law recognized the concept of male dominance. The Indian law does not recognize the concept of ‘marital rape’ for the reason that ‘it destroys the very institution of marriage’. The Indian law considers woman to be a property of a man. When it comes to sex,

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