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The Linkages Between Indo-US and Indo-Afghan Relations

It is a pertinent question as to how India-Afghanistan relations stagnated[i] from the days of the Strategic Partnership Agreement with the Karzai government in 2011 to the current days of relative disengagement and marginalization of India compared to other big players of the region. The question is aggravated if it is considered that neither country has made a hostile or negative move towards the other during this period. Yet, Afghanistan’s new leadership has resumed its ‘competitive yet brotherly’ relationship with Pakistan as the US withdrawal becomes imminent. The complications of a dialogue with Pakistan are all too evident with the Taliban

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An Open Letter from Love Matters India for you

Hi there! Got a minute to talk love and relationships? We have all been in love at some point, or are looking for it right now. Love and relationships are a very important aspect of our life. We meet people, and sometimes fall in love with them. And, while there is a lot of excitement during the initial phase of romance, there are also times when we realize that maintaining a healthy and happy relationship is hard work! So today, we write to you this letter to share some of our insights on love and relationships. Wondering why? Well, because

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A walk……

As I enter, it looked all grey… There is hardly any space, some things stuffed to the side, some thrown around. As I try looking further there are things which lay untouched. There isn’t much to explore as the space hasn’t been managed, it seems like it has been this way for a while. Yet I tread along ah! I do happen to notice some familiar stuff around too. As my walk got slower my discoveries got awkward. It bought back flashes of the past. Tames me further. My steps hesitant as I pray for no more surprises… but that

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Only sometimes…

Those ignoring looks, not wanting to sideline me were never encountered before. Those kind greetings of half-done wicked smiles had given my earnest agonies, a gentle cure. That subtle touch whose twitch of pain, for my whole life, I’m ready to endure. How can I forget all those moments which though had filled my my memory with affluence, yet ,for which, I’ll forever crave to implore. Those glorious days had reached the climax along with me and I did feel my lure go overtone. But I could still not count on the foray of love by which I was blown.

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हाँ, हम लिव-इन में हैं

कशिश और सार्थक अपनी शादी की शॉपिंग करते हुए बहुत खुश हैं. खुश क्यों न हों. लगभग दो वर्षों तक लिव-इन रिलेशन में रहने के बाद अब दोनों विवाह सूत्र में जो बंधने जा रहे हैं. दो वर्ष पूर्व जब अपने परिवार के खिलाफ जा कर उन्होंने लिव-इन में रहने का फैसला किया था तब दोनों ही डरे हुए थे कि उनके इस फैसले का भविष्य क्या होगा. लेकिन साथ रहते हुए उन्होंने महसूस किया कि एक-दूसरे को जानने-समझने का जो तरीका उन्होंने अपनाया है, वह बहुत कारगर साबित हुआ. खूबियां जानने से ज़्यादा ज़रूरी था कि उन्हें एक-दूसरे की

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प्यार की इंतहाँ

आजा रे……. आजा रे, ओ मेरे प्यार तू आजा आके दिल में समाज़ा रे होकर अधीर यहाँ मैं बैठी आकर धीर बंधाजा रे आजा रे……… तन भी तू है, मन भी तू है,जान भी मेरी तू ही तू है धन भी तू है,इज़्ज़त तू है,मान भी मेरा तू ही तू है कर दिया तुझको सब कुछ अर्पण, कुछ भी नहीं है अपना तुझसे है अब जीवन मेरा, तू ही है अब मेरा सपना पास में मेरे जो कुछ भी था, सब कुछ तुझको यार दिया दिल दे करके मैंने यारा, तन भी तुझ पर वार दिया हो जहाँ भी इच्छा

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To Sir With Love

Indramani Sir was tall and gaunt with not a drop of fat on his body. He walked with fast and long strides and had a booming, clear voice. . He was married but had no children. He was our family tutor who taught me and my 7 siblings till each of us crossed Class 7 and moved out of our village school. I remember when he got me started. I was about 4 years old. He made me sit on his lap, put a round piece of limestone kind of material in my hand and made me draw three circles

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हम धागे नहीं, मोबाईल नेटवर्क के बंधन से बंधे है!

सच पूछिए तो उसकी मिजाज की फोटोकॉपी लेकर ही हम शहर-दर-शहर भटकते रहते हैं. सरस सलिल, इंडिया टुडे, मनोहर कहानियां के जिन पन्नों को दुनिया स्टेपल कर देती, हम उन्हें उखाड़कर साथ पढ़ते. मेरी उम्र अठारह साल है, मेरे ब्ऑयफ्रेंड ने मुझे किस कर दिया है, क्या मैं प्रेंग्नेंट हो जाउंगी जैसी स्वास्थ्य एवं सेक्स समस्याओं पर साथ ठहाके लगानेवाले बेलज्जे भाई-बहन. जिसे खुद कन्या पाठशाला की मास्टरनियों ने बायलॉजी के वो चैप्टर पढ़ाने के नाम पर ये कहकर टरका दिया कि इससे बोर्ड में कुछ नहीं आएगा, हमें बडे़ इत्मिनान से पीरियड्स के रहस्य समझाएं. जिंदगी की सबसे अच्छी

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There is one Relation above all, Relation of Humanity. Happy Raksha Bandhan

There is one Relation above all, Relation of Humanity. We SALUTE Soldier Ved Mitra Choudhary who Sacrificed his Life to save someone else’s sister from Eve Teasers who were teasing and molesting her, While more than 100 bystanders just stood and watched (Just want to say Ved sir you made us all so PROUD to be a Human, MILLION SALUTES TO YOU SIR) Watch this video before you Celebrate Raksha Bandhan on August 29th, Inspired by a True story – Please Share to support this Message, Only Together we can bring the Change. Meaning of Raksha Bandhan in Sanskrit literally

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A rebuttal to a daughter-in-law from a son and a husband

I scrolled through this piece on AkkarBakkar some 10 days back. I felt angry as to how the Internet, something that was supposed to give a life beyond saas bahu bitching, was falling prey to it. I wanted to rebut it then but I did not care much. Today though is a different day. I see my wife sharing this piece on her Facebook profile. This makes me rebut it because tomorrow my sister might share this considering its fashionable to share anything that victimizes feminity, even if the victimizer is another female. It becomes tremendously fashionable when the mother-in-law

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