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MatruBhoomi – A film on female feoticide and its after affects!

Story on the after effects of female feoticide ie. Killing of Girl child either in the womb or after birth – a common happening in India . Story Line:   Father of 5 sons looking for a bride for one of his sons. Bride is unavailable in the village – since it’s a No Woman village – and the match maker goes to different villages in search of a bride – but the story is more or less the same in surrounding villages as well – Result : difficulty in finding a bride. The servant is seen giving his ‘piss’

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कच्ची कली

यह कितनी कोमल और भली है क्योंकि अभी यह कच्ची कली है इसका काम अभी तो बढ़ना बनकर फूल अभी तो खिलना रहने दो इसे अभी यों ही इसे अभी और है सजना होकर बड़ी एक दिन यह स्वतः फूल बन जायेगी बनकर फूल सुगंधित यह फिर दुनिया को महकायेगी या फिर कोई चुन लेगा इसको और यह धागे में पिरोई जायेगी फिर पड़कर किसी माला में यह किसी गले का हार बन जायेगी या गजरे का यह फूल बनेगी और किसी देवी के सिर खूब सजेगी या फिर अन्य फूलों के साथ मिलकर यह दुनिया को खूब सजायेगी या

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Hum Gundey hai…

It was a month end. Time to collect payoff. A busy day had almost ended. He was playing his favorite 3 patti, listening to radio with his business partners, Sahil and Boxer Chotu. This dark, dingy and smoke-filled garage, with a bulb, a table and few chairs was the place where the  monthly collection got stacked up. The lone bulb lit up their faces partially. The money coming in will be used to keep top of the pyramid happy and as an investment into more drugs to peddle, buy some more Colts for providing better security and to vanquish various

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Shenaz Treasurywala: Enough of your Promotion Nonsense

Uh?!? Another open letter, once again before a movie release? First it was Deepika Padukone before ‘Finding Fanny’ and now ‘Main Aur Mr. Right’. Talk about coincidences (rolling eyes). Last Thursday, I woke up to an open letter on my Facebook wall by Bollywood actor Shenaz Treasurywala – a well worded distress call to address a burning issue in our country. I am still wondering about the timing of this letter. Why is it that celebrities like you scream yourself hoarse for a social cause (which I’m sure doesn’t matter much to you), just before a movie premiere? Another thing,

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#BetterDemocracy: Abuse of Women in the Public Sphere

Does it start with eve-teasing- the common euphemism for the abuse and violence women experience on the streets in various parts of India? Does it end with the offender being punished or the women being convinced into ‘submission’? When a young girl comes home, disturbed, at experiencing violence and abuse on the streets for the first time, she is told that ‘neither is this something new nor can it be stopped; Just Ignore’. She then gets a long list of ‘dos and don’ts’ which becomes a part of her behavior in the public sphere. To understand how safe urban women

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#BetterDemocracy: Do we really deserve a better democracy?

“Democracy: Form of government, where a constitution guarantees basic personal and political rights, fair and free elections, and independent courts of law.” Dear Indian, Do we really deserve a better democracy? Do we actually have a democracy? Do we deserve a democracy at all? I ask this, because it seems that ever since we were left to govern ourselves, we’ve really messed up. Yes, India is a fairly new democracy. It’s only, what? Nearly 70 years old? It’s had leaders come and go, with personal agendas, misguided motives, unintentional misdirections but somehow, the country has edged forward. Well a few

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The expectations that UBER set make them responsible for mishaps

Let me start with a caveat here. I am a voracious reader on the issues around these mobile-app based cab services. I read more on the loopholes that they work around and the limitations these guys work with in their already weak arsenal. I have over the past few weeks also posted a lot of anti-uber articles that I have found across western blogs and a website called Cult of Mac. But I have done that because as a consumer, and as someone who regularly uses cab services, I buy them because I feel with the premium that I pay, I

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#BetterDemocracy- Policy Paralysis in Legalization of Prostitution in India

As the National Commission for Women (NCW) official Lalitha Kumaramangalam raised the issue of legalizing prostitution, mobilization of public debates in favor of this proposition gained momentum. It is being argued that creating a legal framework for regulating prostitution will prevent trafficking and improve the health conditions of workers and clients which might curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Legalizing prostitution will ensure that sex workers enjoy the basic rights in a democratic society as transparency will directly affect the relationship of sex workers with law enforcing agencies leading to reduction in harassment, legal intimidation, entrapment and exploitation

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A letter to the Rapist

Dear rapist, This is the women of India here. We had a very humble request for you.   You might be scorning or even scoffing at us, after hearing this. But please give some thought to our request.   It’s a day when we all go out and celebrate, probably till late into the night. Our clothes could be a bit shorter than the usual days, since we are celebrating freedom, modern thinking and all that. Of course, it’s morally wrong, and a reason for rapes happening all over, yet if you could please spare us just this one day.

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Battered Angels of India

Human society has been a stage where violence and atrocities against women have been witnessed yet overlooked. Every decade documents occurrences of heinous crimes against women that pull the masses out of their slumber. However, these incidents do nothing more than draw the people out on the streets for a day or two. Protests are held, people shout to deaf ears of the judicial system and finally retreat into their own homes leaving the souls of victims wrenching in pain. Two such atrocities are rampant in these societies and are clearly interconnected: female selective infanticide and rape. Rape is an

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