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सड़ा हुवा अनाज, सड़ी ही प्रणाली है!   मेरा चिराग-ए-घर गया लील। तुम्हारा घटिया मिड डे  मील ।। घटिया मिड डे मील, वो भूखे ही अच्छे थे । नहीं सालता घाव, हमारे भी बच्चे थे ।। सड़ा हुवा अनाज, सड़ी ही प्रणाली है। मासूमों के हाथों में, चम्मच थाली है।। चाहते हो क्या, थमा हाथ में उनके कटोरा । उनको भिक्षु बना रहा, जिनका मन है कोरा।।

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‘For The People, Of The People, Lets Buy The People’ – Part II

  My editor played spoilsport last time around. Now I know why writers and editors do not share great chemistry. Because both varieties work on different experiments and both hate each other. Anyways last time I worked hard to generate humor on the article ‘for the people, of the people, lets buy the people’ but my editor it seemed was in a quandary over its content. On one hand he supports Arvind Kejriwal and hopes

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You Can’t Exist. It Offends ‘Us’

In the news today, among other more immediately critical things, is this news about a paintings exhibition in Bangalore ( What’s the big deal about a paintings exhibition? Isn’t it just about some people only putting their expressions on to some canvas? who has time for that right? To be quite honest, I think it would be a big deal when a painting exhibition was actually not a big deal. Sadly, we are not there

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Of The People; For The People; Lets ‘Buy’ The People

  Today has been no different then yesterday. Except for the date perhaps. What a week can do to the fortunes of one’s life; can be best answered by the Indian Cricket team. What effect the monsoon’s can have on somebody can be seen in the eyes of a common farmer. How valuable independence is ‘can be answered by only those who are chained since eternity’. Today as USA celebrates its year of independence, we

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Sheila vs Arvind: The Fight The Nation Is Waiting For

  She still has it in her to fight once again. He is a newbie in the race, chancing his luck with crores of frustrated people. This battle is not as one sided as it seems. Arvind Kejriwal & Sheila Dixit will lock horns in the forthcoming Delhi Vidhan Sabha elections and the entire nation will be watching the developments very closely. Arvind Kejriwal is not a TV star or a movie icon, who walks

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NaMo – Armed With All the Ammo!!

Mr. Modi gave his final touches before the last lap towards Race 2014 by visiting his seniors, Mr.Advani and Vajpayeeji to convey his regards. He is now ready to single-handedly lead the BJP (some traces of NDA) towards forming the government in the next five years. If you take one look at Mr.Modi’s journey, it would surely be regarded as a remarkable event. Beginning as an aggressive leader, staunch follower of the Hindutava ideology, he

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Pati Patni Aur Woh In The Bihar Political Drama

  “Marriage is like a deck of cards. In the beginning all you need is two hearts and a diamond. In divorce though, a club and a spade would have been better”. This how relationships begin and when the going gets tough, the tough decides to fizzle out. In the last seventy two hours the Indian political class has seen a bitter divorce that has taken place. A formidable marriage between the BJP & JD

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