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Thoughts On An Ashatami Evening

follow url Ashtami Evening—Kolkata Hours after I landed in the City of Joy in the hope of indulging in the festivities of Durga Puja, the turbulent weather had already begun to dampen my spirits. And lo behold! Now it’s Phailin—about to hit the coastal city of Gopalpur-on-Sea. Apprehensions, fear, evacuation and red alert continue. US experts have already warned that Phailin would probably be one of the worst cyclones that can hot India in the last fourteen

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Globalization: Green Or Not

There has been an extended debate over globalization being good for building strong economies or not.  Our future however is not all about building prosperous economies, but reducing the rate at which we are unsympathetically impacting the planet. Globalization plays a key role in both, greening our planet and the unfortunate opposite. On one hand, globalization is enabling manufacturing companies to transfer greener technologies and products throughout the globe but on the other, it is

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Traffic Woes And Kochi

What are the uses of roads? 1. It is an obstacle course intended to test the skills? 2. It is a rain water drain? 3. Garbage disposal unit? 4. Who cares!!!! Well the the people in charge of the maintenance/construction of road in Kochi would definitely select the fourth option I guess!! I say ‘people’ because even that is a question that I don’t have a proper answer to!!! Public Works Department? National Highways Authority of India?The Corporation??

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Go Green!!

You are cutting your Life , by cutting a Tree Just plant one and get air absolutely Free ! Just save a Tree, its your best Friend People have lot of issues, hug a tree..they are God-Sent !! Take care of the trees, they are the roots of all Living In return they will take care of you , will make you feel like a King ! Save Paper , if you want to sit

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किसान-एक संवेदनशील जीवन

  ये कैसा जीवन, जुबां पे सिर्फ आह है। क्या करें पता नहीं, क्युं नहीं मिलती कोई राह है। बंज़र भूमि, बंज़र जीवन, ज़िन्दगी भी तबाह है। ये कैसा जीवन, जुबां पे सिर्फ आह है। क्या करें पता नहीं, क्युं नहीं मिलती कोई राह है। कैसे हो बच्चों की शिक्षा पुरी, कैसे पुरी हो परिवार की अभिलाषा अधुरी। खुद मुक्त भी नहीं होती यह जीवन, मुक्त हो जाए तो होती हमारी चाह है। ये कैसा

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The Relation Between Communication and Happiness

Communication is central to our success. It maintains and sustains relationships within a Company. The challenge is to channel the myriad communication means so that they enhance the Company’s competitiveness and bolster happiness. Read what  Sharon Andrew, Happiness Evangelist at Happiest Minds Technologies, Bangalore has to say about the relation between communication and happiness.   Communication is central to our success. It maintains and sustains relationships within a Company. The challenge is to channel the myriad

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Globalisation and the Role of the Urban -2

In the second part of Globalisation and the Role of the Urban, Malathy Madathilezham will dwell on Saskia Sassen’s concept of the change in the role of the nation state and the growing importance of cities in the era of globalisation. Saskia Sassen is a Dutch-American sociologist noted for her analyses of globalization and international human migration. She currently is Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology at Columbia University and Centennial visiting Professor at the

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On a Goan Forest Trail

Goa’s often known just for the beaches has tracts of equally wonderful forest lands which are unknown to most. Kartik Kannan, explores one such tract, the extremes of Harmal Village, where he got a free facepack, and an unexpected encounter with a greedy ‘baba’ who requested a laptop as Dakshina. Read on to know what happened next.  7 am, is a time most people don’t see in Goa, and I was one of the few

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Globalization And The Role Of The Urban- 1

  Neil Brenner’s writing and teaching focus on the theoretical, conceptual and methodological dimensions of urban questions. His work builds upon, and seeks to extend, the fields of critical urban and regional studies, comparative geopolitical economy and radical sociospatial theory. Major research foci include processes of urban and regional restructuring and uneven spatial development; the generalization of capitalist urbanization; and processes of state spatial restructuring, with particular reference to the remaking of urban, metropolitan and

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Clean Development Mechanism in the Building Sector

  Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is one of the four flexibility mechanisms that can be utilized by the industrialized nations under the Kyoto Protocol. Under the clean development mechanism (CDM) adopted in 2001, private players and governments from developing countries can earn carbon credits by adopting environment-friendly practices like growing trees on degraded land or adoption of cleaner energy sources like hydroelectricity. These carbon credits can then be sold to polluters in developed countries to

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