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Happiness 3G

buy accutane online with prescription Grateful Happiness is itself a kind of gratitude. ~ Joseph Wood Krutch Happy people live in a constant state of gratitude, consciously recognizing the many blessings they receive. They also unabashedly and generously demonstrate their gratitude, truly and appreciative of the people and opportunities that come their way. Let us make a habit of outwardly showing our thankfulness. Giving  Happiness comes from giving, not getting. If we try to bring happiness to others, we cannot

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Are you a Leader or a Manager

It’s been said that the difference between a manager and a leader is very much like the difference between a raisin and a grape. If a raisin is a grape with something vital missing – water – so a manager is a leader with many vital things missing. In the discussions between manager and Leader, much ink has been spent delineating the differences. A leader is somebody who sees opportunity and puts change in motion

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Why the biggest asset your brand needs is a community manager

“So basically you manage social posts for your brand, right?” If you like me work as a community manager in your company, I am sure you must have heard this a million times from people who are smart enough to guess the meaning of your work profile. I now feel disgusted everytime I hear this. Hence I decided to write this post for two reasons. One to make people understand the difference between Social Media

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Did You Ever “Hit & Run”?

Alcohol and its after effects on road have been highlighted enough to Indians in the past few weeks. I am sure the sensible ones among us would have learnt the lesson, at least about drinking and driving. However, today I want to highlight the other ways in which you could have hit and run under the influence of alcohol without even realizing it. This needs your attention because the “Hit and Run” cases that I am

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The wonderful truth of knowledge (Part-1) में दिये गये विचारों के अतिरिक्त कुछ अन्य महापुरुषों  के सुंदर विचार जो मैंने पुराने फटे हुए पन्नों  में पढ़े, वह निम्न हैं:— बुद्धिमान लोगों के सामने उपदेशपूर्ण व्याख्यान देना जीवित पौधों को पानी देने के समान है| —- संत तिरुवल्लुवर—– शांति मनुष्य की सुखद और स्वाभाविक स्थिति है, युद्ध उसका पतन है, कलंक है|—–टामसन—– जब ज्ञान इतना घमंडी बन जाये कि रो न सके, इतना गंभीर बन जाये

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Unbridled sex ..but only for the handicapped – mind it – Film Review: MWAS!

Sad film indeed. Helen Keller — ‘I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet’ First lesson learnt – Never ever crib or be depressed for whatever reason – there is so much more pain in this world! Here, in our world, normal or so called able humans are committing suicide because of relationship failures or money matters – and here we see that a girl – born to a well-to-do

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How can Indians be motivated to do positive & productive work?

Being an Indian, I do confess that we, the people, lack motivation! What do you think is required to increase the progressive enthusiasm and drive among Indians? Some options here (plus you can add on too): Increase money, bonus, monetary incentives, salary. Good, healthy and clean work environment. Both 1 and 2. Include family vacations, club memberships to give that affluent touch. Personal life augmentation – including benefits for family (spouse, parents and children) Include

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GM Seeds in India: The Hostage Crisis Must End

The science and technology of GM foods is a miracle of the modern era! Many leading economies of the world are reaping a harvest of benefits for their masses through this frontline genetics in agricultural sector. We in India are however still held hostage to Luddite agitators that had led to blanket bans on scientific field trials in GM plants. Yes, the vested interests of pesticides and agrochemical MNC giants have been funding and fomenting

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How to Overcome the Shortcomings of a Sedentary Lifestyle

A big Holla to all of you This writeup is for everyone who has a sedentary job/lifestyle and wants to stay fit/active even without working out at a gym/elsewhere. I will discuss some basic thumb rules which might be useful for you : 1. Sitting Posture:  Observe proper sitting posture in a good chair that is designed for desk work. Your back should be straight, your shoulders back, and the top of your monitor should

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Top 7 Health Benefits of Grapes

The history behind the consumption of grapes dates back to 6000-8000 years ago in the Far East. The type’s ad ways to consume grapes are endless – from green, red and purple grapes to seedless grapes, grape jelly, grape jam and grape juice. And not to forget raisins and wine! It might come as a surprise, but this small berry has numerous health benefits. Nutrition Content in Grapes One cup of red or green grapes

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