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My dream is to fly

Baabush loved to fly kites. He could run along the railway tracks all day, waiting for the gush of air to pick pace as the trains screeched past him. When the winds made their way through the cramped lines, his kite soared, lifting his spirits along. He jumped with joy when his kite went high, as high as the planes that flew in the sky. “Didi, main badaa hoke hawaai jahaaz udaana chahta hun”. I loved my little baabush, more than I loved my own little self. We’d walk to school together. We’d talk and we’d laugh. We went to

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सोच बदलो..सब बदलेगा..

एक लडकी..सहूलियत के लिये कोई भी नाम रख लीजिये चलिये निकी नाम रख लेते है उम्र तकरीबन 12-14 साल स्कूल के लिये घर से निकलती है। पडोस के गुप्ता अंकल (उम्र 40-45 साल) अपने घर के बरामदे मे रिलैक्स चेयर पर बैठे हुये है। निकी ने “नमस्ते अंकल” कहा –जैसा कि बचपन से कहती आई है। गुप्ता अंकल ने भी संपूर्ण सह्रयदता से नमस्ते कहा और भावविह्वल होकर पास बुलाया। निकी खुश होकर दौडी और गुप्ता अंकल के पास पहुंची। जैसे कि बचपन से हमेशा आती थी। गुप्ता अंकल ने निकी को गोद मे बिठा लिया और बातें करने लगे।

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Lets educate our Men first

Being a resident of Delhi for 25 years I can easily conclude the following: You wear a nice fitted top and jeans, 90% of the men will stare at you. On the other hand if you are fully clad in a salwar kameez dupatta, less than 10% of them will hardly give you a second glance. Funny isn’t it. Sad, but true story. And many women I spoke to agreed to my observation. And since then I preferred wearing a dupatta whenever I stepped out of home. I felt safe. Two weeks it continued. But then I asked myself, is

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कच्ची कली

यह कितनी कोमल और भली है क्योंकि अभी यह कच्ची कली है इसका काम अभी तो बढ़ना बनकर फूल अभी तो खिलना रहने दो इसे अभी यों ही इसे अभी और है सजना होकर बड़ी एक दिन यह स्वतः फूल बन जायेगी बनकर फूल सुगंधित यह फिर दुनिया को महकायेगी या फिर कोई चुन लेगा इसको और यह धागे में पिरोई जायेगी फिर पड़कर किसी माला में यह किसी गले का हार बन जायेगी या गजरे का यह फूल बनेगी और किसी देवी के सिर खूब सजेगी या फिर अन्य फूलों के साथ मिलकर यह दुनिया को खूब सजायेगी या

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मेरी भी एक मां तो होगी पर मैं मां का लाल नहीं, जिस कोख ने मुझको जन्म दिया मैंने पाया उसका प्यार नहीं, जन्म दिया और फेंक दिया फिर पूछा मेरा हाल नहीं, पाकर जन्म हरामी कहलाया मां – बाप का पाया नाम नहीं, वह शैतान पुरुष आबारा था जिसने मां को मजबूर किया, मां की भी मजबूरी देखो जिसने इतना मुझको दूर किया, भगवान भी कोई आबारा होगा जिसने धरती मां को मजबूर किया, धरती मां की भी मजबूरी जिसने बना मुझे मजदूर दिया, जननी, धरती तनया समान हुई वीर भोग का सामान हुई, जैसे चाहा भोगा उसने क्यों

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#BetterDemocracy: Abuse of Women in the Public Sphere

Does it start with eve-teasing- the common euphemism for the abuse and violence women experience on the streets in various parts of India? Does it end with the offender being punished or the women being convinced into ‘submission’? When a young girl comes home, disturbed, at experiencing violence and abuse on the streets for the first time, she is told that ‘neither is this something new nor can it be stopped; Just Ignore’. She then gets a long list of ‘dos and don’ts’ which becomes a part of her behavior in the public sphere. To understand how safe urban women

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#BetterDemocracy: Do we really deserve a better democracy?

“Democracy: Form of government, where a constitution guarantees basic personal and political rights, fair and free elections, and independent courts of law.” Dear Indian, Do we really deserve a better democracy? Do we actually have a democracy? Do we deserve a democracy at all? I ask this, because it seems that ever since we were left to govern ourselves, we’ve really messed up. Yes, India is a fairly new democracy. It’s only, what? Nearly 70 years old? It’s had leaders come and go, with personal agendas, misguided motives, unintentional misdirections but somehow, the country has edged forward. Well a few

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#BetterDemocracy: The power of ONE!

The power of ONE cannot be underestimated at any given point. The outcome of such power is magnified beyond imagination. Nobel laurates Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai have proved that power is what you make of it. Being powerful may come easy if you have the resources that come in monetary form. But power that comes from within makes a world of difference and a difference to the world! Give it a thought: give yourself the opportunity to think what is the impossible that is actually possible ..what is the unstoppable that’s actually stoppable.. what is unachievable that’s actually achievable..

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Malala Yousafzai: My Hero! A letter of Respect

Dear Malala, Your speech in Oslo just shook me; it gave me goose bumps on my skin, tears in my eyes and enormous respect for you in my heart. When the news of you getting the Nobel Peace Prize was out in October this year, I did a Google search on you. Call me ignorant, but before that I only knew that you are the girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban.! And then today I watched the entire award ceremony. Dear Malala, you are an inspiration to all women and men- your struggles depict the amount

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Bring happiness this Diwali

Before you proceed make sure you are a person with Conscience!! Silent, pearl-shaped tears rolled down her cheeks from her wide dark eyes. Her mom called upon her asking her to go quickly and warned her against getting late as she knew it would result in the deduction of money. She pleadingly looked at her mom who was busy blowing at her chulha. She did not want to go. Her soul was bleeding but she remained tight-lipped. Her face showed expressions of anguish. She left for work. Soon she had walked past the dusty lane and had taken the concrete

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