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Sex Education in Schools: A Parent’s Perspective

buy accutane 40 mg “The soul is healed by being with children.,” said Fyodor Dostoyevsky the Russian writer in the 1800’s. Even after many centuries, it still holds true. Anyone who is a parent or has been associated with children will vouch for the pleasure we derive when we spend some time with a child. Their innocence I believe is what gives us this pleasure. As children grow older, they tend to know more, want more and hence be dissatisfied more

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#BetterDemocracy- Policy Paralysis in Legalization of Prostitution in India

As the National Commission for Women (NCW) official Lalitha Kumaramangalam raised the issue of legalizing prostitution, mobilization of public debates in favor of this proposition gained momentum. It is being argued that creating a legal framework for regulating prostitution will prevent trafficking and improve the health conditions of workers and clients which might curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Legalizing prostitution will ensure that sex workers enjoy the basic rights in a democratic

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Impart Sex Education: Its a Must

rosuvastatin 50mg 319 Our new Health Minister of the new government Dr. Harsh Vardhan has been in the news for the last few days, for a couple of insensitive comments & views. One of them is that he did not favour or even did not want sex education in schools or in any form anywhere in India.  Such a statement from the Minister who happens to be an “ENT” doctor/practitioner is not in right perspective. It’s now time

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Should #SexEducation Be Added To The Existing Indian Curriculum?

We all know how the general Indian public feels about Sex Education, one of those controversial topics that revolve around some rather touchy issues which have been hushed by the majority of our society for a long time. However, as India gradually awakens, fuelled by the spirit of a seemingly all-pervading globalization, people have started doubting their age-old customs. In the light of Skepticism, as the followers of the famed Hellenistic philosopher Pyrrho would say, we are beginning to

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AIDS Life Short Story


Her closed eyes revealed my deceit. Her sealed lips gave testimony to my crime. Her still body made my heart pound faster, as she lay naked, beside me in a motel room. This wasn’t an act of love, nor of lust. It was vengeance, served on the rocks. The clock struck 12:05 AM. 2013 had begun. Humans survived the scare of 2012, but humanity had ended six months ago when she dumped my best friend.

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