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I Am What I Am

I am the unrealized dream; the traveller yet to embark; the unbranded calf; the wild red horse-tamed; the lost sheep of the flock.   I am the question unanswered; the crossword without the clue the equation without the constant. I am the tear drop in ecstacy; the smile through the tears; the child in every grown-up; the inquisitive in every child; the instinct in every move, the decision in haste; the mama’s boy; the prodigal

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‘It’: The Path I Travelled…

To call this path a beginning or an end?? For it has its own descend… Befriended a gypsy, together we said our prayers, Yet it took me to its darker layers.   If only I knew its secret too well, Alas! To the bliss I bid farewell. It threw at me the hungry stones, I blotted the spider’s web with empty mourns. The anguish, my gypsy offered to share, yet it took me to its darker layers.   The tears torn apart, and the parched cloud refused to

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The Longest Kiss

What do you do when you open your eyes? Does the kiss linger? Or does it go on to something else? Do you think ‘what next’? Do you breathe in a little and kiss a little more? What do you do? I think that love ends and begins with a kiss. Really. Think about it. How do you tell someone that they are special, close to you? A peck on the cheek or a kiss

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