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Thank You Writers And Readers

go to link When we started Mission Sharing Knowledge frankly we had not thought we would add so many friends on our way so early. Today not only have we added more than 150 writers, we have crossed half a million views on your articles too. It is still modest as compared to some leading portals but in the domain we are in, Mission Sharing Knowledge is certainly creating a niche for itself. As 2013 nears its end

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The Good Life

I was just asking myself, what I wanted to do with my life and sometimes when I am honest with myself none of the answers match with the job description of my job. I admire the myriad consumer insights that my mind dissects whenever I am on the road, or watching a commercial, but what has really interested me is the spirit of long time world travel. Sometimes I ask myself, when is a good

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Usually Roads Change Us, Ever We Changed The Road

How there’s a strong pattern in everything and why not there exists any ambiguity to earth traveling the same pattern again and again each day around the sun. Does the argument of traveling a different road ends here after looking at earth’s repeated path or wait a minute, is there something we are missing here. Science claims that for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction then how is it that you work your

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The South Asian Band Festival: Delhi

Music is everyone’s preference. No doubt, each particular type of music has its global listeners and they don’t only listen the music; they refer, share, store and pay for the music. I know, you must be a music lover and if you are staying in Delhi/NCR, I have something to inform you. This November and December, you are going to ROCK!! You love Rock Music? Folk Music! Ya! traditional… regional one???? Music is a proper combination of madness, emotion, rhythm and expression with comfortable

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Life’s Biggest Lessons!

I am no expert on how to live life, neither do I claim to know anything about anything, heck I am just 24. But these are just a few lessons I learnt from some of the successful people I have met. So here I go: a) Be the most optimistic person you know. b) It is very important to start Monday on a good note, it defines your whole week. c) Learn something you will

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Life And its Wondrous Uncertainty!!!

Have you ever felt on a particularly bad day that your life is not going in any direction, that you are traveling against the whole world, and that life officially sucks! Well like most of you, I have felt the same many a times in the short span of my existence, though I have realised that most of the time we tend to exaggerate everything and take it to a level where we feel that

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Fate v/s Sweat

Do you believe in luck? Do you believe that some unseen supernatural power somewhere is responsible for everything that happens to you? When something doesn’t go as per plan do you blame fate? Is that your best excuse? Or do you analyse what went wrong? How the accident could have been avoided? How you could have achieved it? If you do, then you believe in sweat. Life is too short to leave it to fate.

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No Reason Celebrating Independence Day In Kashmir: A Kashmiri Writes For MSK

It was called as the “Paradise on Earth”, but has instead been one of the most violent & bloodshed regions in recent years. Ajaz Ahmed writes on what importance does the Indian Independence Day hold to a Kashmiri youth and how they see their relationship with India. Let’s understand the literal meaning of independence and then decide who deserves to celebrate it. The Declaration of Independence prescribed the proper role of government to secure the rights

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Reflections On The Understanding Of Poverty

Malathy Madathilezham tries to decipher the real definition and the measures of poverty and more importantly tries finding ways to get rid of the malaise.  Poverty is a much-debated topic. We all have at some or the other point discussed on some issue related to poverty. The ‘poverty line’ is a recurrent topic that comes into picture during these discussions. How do we define and measure this complex’’ phenomenon? More importantly how do we get

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Chennai Express – Is A Full Paisa Wasool Journey

By Shwetha Kalyanasundaram All set to board the Chennai express?!? Vaango…ukkarango (read: please come…please sit)!!! Is the journey worth the ride?!? Read on. Full credits to SRK and the moviemakers to have the name of the female lead displayed over the male counterpart! This drew loud raptures from the crowd and what a way to start the two and half hour odd train journey. Back again as Rahul (naam toh suna hoga), a planned trip

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