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किसान-एक संवेदनशील जीवन

  ये कैसा जीवन, जुबां पे सिर्फ आह है। क्या करें पता नहीं, क्युं नहीं मिलती कोई राह है। बंज़र भूमि, बंज़र जीवन, ज़िन्दगी भी तबाह है। ये कैसा जीवन, जुबां पे सिर्फ आह है। क्या करें पता नहीं, क्युं नहीं मिलती कोई राह है। कैसे हो बच्चों की शिक्षा पुरी, कैसे पुरी हो परिवार की अभिलाषा अधुरी। खुद मुक्त भी नहीं होती यह जीवन, मुक्त हो जाए तो होती हमारी चाह है। ये कैसा

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The Only Problem With Gangs Of Wasseypur

  Wasseypur, a place unheard of suddenly becomes the most talked about town in the country. A town filled with gangsters and corrupt politicians. Ask the fans and they will vouch for what I just said. But ask the residents and they will deny instantly. It’s the danger with a single story. We believe that’s the only story worth knowing. American teens do drugs, Chinese teens know martial arts and kids of Uganda become vigilantes.

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Why Dhoni’s Silence On IPL Spot-Fixing Is Not Justified!

Ravi Sharma, Sports Editor, Novosol Mobile Magic writes why Dhoni’s silence on the entire spot-fixing scandal does not justify his position as Indian captain and also shakes the faith of a cricket fan on him.  The last few days in Indian cricket have been the darkest since the 2000 match-fixing fiasco which saw the fall of stalwarts like Mohammad Azharuddin and Ajay Jadeja amongst others. The names of famous players went for a toss as

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The ‘Alive Club’ And Its Benefits That Jiah Khan Will Miss

We all know how difficult it is to live up to people’s expectations. If you haven’t encountered that yet, then I bow my head to thee! For all remaining commoners like me and scores of others if you are reading this post after facing several lows in your life, after going though frustration of failures, after feeling the heat from your staunchest critics, then mate welcome to the ‘ALIVE CLUB’. This club has its presence across the globe, the entry fees

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STOP Jiah Khan! That Is Not Your Job.

  How we wish school would have lasted till we die! The charm of sleeping in the bathroom as a hysterical mother yelled at you to get ready, the innocence of missing the school bus almost on a daily basis to squeeze in another hour of football before reaching home, fooling parents on holiday homework so that you don’t have to study, how we wish life could have been just like that. The truth though is that none of us had

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Get Srini: The Comedy Show

  N. Srinivasan stepping aside should have been a passing reference in the so-called news channels, instead of being a do or die effort at one-upmanship between some megalomaniacs, says Jaideep Ghosh It was with a feeling of intense relief that I picked up a newspaper this morning. The lead headline wasn’t about BCCI, fixing, Srinivasan, Shirke, Jagdale, Dalmiya, Jaitley or any of the names, organisations or gangs that has held the nation, or rather,

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The How of Happiness

  Sonja Lyubomirsky, a professor of psychology addresses these fundamental questions in her book “The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want”, a book of strategies backed by scientific research that can be used to increase happiness. Our individual level of happiness springs from three primary sources: Our Genetic Set Point:  50% of our happiness derives from a genetically determined “set point”. Those of us with low happiness set points have

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Rebut To “Chennai Super Kings Fans vs 1.230 Billion Indians”

  For me the IPL was over the moment Mumbai Indians won it and the trophy was given over to the winning captain. A Chennai fan though Anuj Chennai, wrote an unnecessary article on why Chennai fans are subject to global criticism and why they are the best side in any case. A rebut point by point was needed and here it is. 1. Most consistent team: Go find out how much your team was brought

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