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डॉ. हर गोविन्द खोराना का अध्बुध जीवन!

http://stevejamesltd.com/dorset-food-and-arts-festival-2017/ डॉ. हरगोबिंद खोराना जैव प्रौद्योगिकी और आनुवांशिक इंजीनियरिंग की दुनिया में मशहूर नाम हैं। उनके काम से आज हम यह समझ पाएं हैं की जीव-जंतु को आकार और अस्तित्व देने वाले डीएनए काम कैसे करते हैं। कंप्यूटर कोड की तरह डीएनए भी करोड़ों कोड से बना हुआ है। डॉ. हरगोबिंद खोराना का जन्म रायपुर गाँव, पंजाब, ब्रिटिश इंडिया (अब पाकिस्तान) मे 9 जनवरी 1922 को हुआ था। बचपन से ही वे विज्ञान की दुनिया से

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भारत पूर्ण रूप से पोलियो-मुक्त नहीं हुआ है !

आज अंतर्राष्ट्रीय पोलियो दिवस है। ‘पोलियोमायलाईटिस’ एक ऐसा रोग है जिसने सिर्फ 100 साल पहले तक दुनिया मे आतंक फैला रखा था। लेकिन निरंतर शोधकार्य और आधुनिक चिकित्सा माध्यमों के आ जाने से यह काफी हद तक दुनिया भर से ख़त्म हो गया है। पोलियोवायरस इंसान के मासपेशियों को कमज़ोर बना देता है। वायरस केंद्रीय तंत्रिका तंत्र (central nervous system) मे स्थित मोटर न्यूरॉन पर हमला करती है जिससे की शरीर अलग-अलग जगहों से अकड़

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आर्थ्राइटिस लाइलाज नहीं है!

आज ‘विश्व आर्थ्राइटिस दिवस’ है। आर्थ्राइटिस आम भाषा मे ‘जोड़ों का दर्द’ होता है। यह ग्रीक शब्द से लिया गया है। ग्रीक मे आथ्रो का मतलब है ‘जोड़ा’ और आईटिस का मतलब है ‘सूजन’। इंसान के शरीर मे जोड़ों की एहम भूमिका होती है। विभिन्न तरह के चलन और काम-काज इंसान जोड़ों की मदद से ही कर पाता है। एक तरह से हम यह भी कह सकते हैं की जोड़े हमे कोई भी काम करने

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Review: Pulse Oximeter: iSpO2 by Masimo

iSpO2 by Masimo is a pulse oximeter device that helps to measure your blood’s oxygen level. Certain jobs that requires to monitor this would be Pilot, Sportsman etc. Masimo is a Irvine, California-based manufacturer of noninvasive patient monitoring technologies and is famously known for pulse oximetry technology. With the Technology changing faster than light, fitness wearable gadgets are easily available and helps in tracking individual calorie burning rate by measuring the workout time, pulse rate

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Depression – A Matter of Serious Concern

The usual ups and downs of life mean that everyone feels sad or has “the blues” from time to time. But if emptiness and despair have taken hold of your life and won’t go away, you may be down with depression. Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings and sense of well-being. An individual suffering from depression can feel morose, sad, anxious, hopeless, helpless, worthless, restless and at

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Top 9 Reasons to Include Papaya in Your Diet

Christopher Columbus called it the ‘fruit of the angels’; quite exotic today the papaya is available throughout the world and is known for its health quotient. There are ample reasons why should you include papaya in your diet; here’s a look at the top health benefits of papaya. Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels Too much cholesterol build up within the body can result in heart attack; papaya is rich in Vitamin C, fibres and antioxidants that

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Top 9 Home Remedies for Common Cold and Cough

Is the weather change making you miserable? Are you suffering cough, cold and flu? Do not worry; follow these natural home remedies and breathe a sigh of relief. Drink Plenty of Fluids Drink plenty of fluid in order to break your congestion; drinking water or juice will help to keep your throat moist. Try and drink at least 8-10 glasses of water; you can also add juice or other sports drink n your diet while

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Top 5 Ways to Avoid Swine Flu

As many as 51 more people have died due to swine flu in the country raising the toll to 926 even as the number of those affected by the H1N1 virus breached the 16,000 mark today. With the first case of swine flu reported in Manipur, the risk seem to rise higher. Are these figures giving you jitters? Wondering how to avoid falling prey to this deadly disease? Well, firstly do not PANIC; there is

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Stem Cell Treatment Gives New Hope To Autistic Toddler

After being diagnosed with autism, two-year-old Archit Dev would have probably spent the rest of his life as an incapacitated individual had it not been for his resolute father and the science behind stem cells. A resident of Ghaziabad, Archit was unable to make eye contact, speak to anyone or even sit at one location. But after undergoing treatment for a year, Archit now has better concentration, understands names and instructions and is even devising

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Health Conscious? Go the Milk(y) Way!!!

Consumption of milk has long been associated with good health and it is one of the most consumed beverages across the globe. The health benefits of milk can be achieved directly drinking the liquid or consuming any form of dairy products such as cheese, butter cottage cheese or curd. An ideal source of Vitamin D, A, and Calcium, milk makes for a staple diet cutting across all national boundaries; Health Benefits of Milk Some of

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