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#BetterDemocracy: Is Democracy all about Surveys?

see url With elections nearing, the media channels will soon start helping you on whom to vote for. So, when you switch on your TV at 9 PM, you have an over animated television anchor who gives you advice on who is winning the poll. He presents you figures, which is followed by an even more animate television debate. I ask you a more important question, “Would you vote for the winning candidate or would you vote

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Robert Craddock, You invited the wrath of this Tendulkar Fan, Now face

The year was 1998, yes the golden era of the legend you just abused. The man had scored nine centuries in that period alone. Infact your captain then ‘Steve Waugh’ had said ‘I have scored just one in my entire career, this kid has hit nine in a year’. In the final months of 1998, India was playing a tri nations tournament in Sharjah featuring Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. In one of the matches, Henry

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An open letter to Times of India

Dear Editor (Sorry, I don’t know who you are), At the outset let me be honest in admitting that it was Times of India which got me hooked to the habit of reading newspapers. I remember my days as a school kid, when the sight of TOI would evoke a sense of anticipation for the ‘hot’ news of the day. Your glossy magazine on Sundays have been a school goers delight and apart from the

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Ghanta Award For Sensational News Goes To Aaj Tak-Kejriwal Video

So I am one of those non-apologetic AAP supporters who are often looked at corporate meetings as AAP enthusiast, are often slanged on Twitter and friends send me anti-AAP news media links on Facebook. Many of those I avoid because of certain degree of conviction in mind about Arvind and AAP. Unfortunately off late because of unnecessary scalability some of the negative things that have sprung up have definitely been closer to truth. These have

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टी.वी के कोठे पर पत्रकारों का मुजरा

कभी कभी गली के नुक्कड़ और चाय के दुकान पर भी बड़े बड़े मशवरे मिल जाया करते है। वैसे तो पहले चाय और पान की दुकान से ही बड़ी बड़ी सियासत तय होती थी । तब वाकई राजनीति हुआ करती थी, लेकिन दौर बदलने के साथ ही काफी कुछ बदल गया है । फिर भी ज्ञान तो हर जगह बटता है, इसी तरह कुछ ज्ञान मुझे भी चाय की दुकान पर मिल गया । जो

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