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Be the Star of your Amazing life – Do it Now

Be the Star within Yourself.. unlike those stars around you whom you see on TV, internet. No matter what, Do something in your life that gives some positive results to the Society . Apart from your Professional life, you have all potential to share happiness with society. Smile at the world and the world will smile back at you.World needs it more Every heart has its own rhythm, has its own music.. Every heart has its

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#SelfieWithDaughter is amazing and it rocks, why?

Make no mistake, Narendra Modi is no ordinary Prime Minister. He possibly is the most astute one the country has seen alongside Jawaharlal Nehru and Narasimha Rao. That is why whatever he does sky rockets. He has a following that could even put Ronaldo to shame and creates plans that are worthy of a Google and Apple kind recognition. All his campaigns, from Swaach Bharat to Make in India have done phenomenally well but what

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According to this Interview Every Social Media person should have their own blog

The Question was : “Should every social media user/worker/influencer have their own blog?” I got 9 answers I am really excited to write my first Interview with some of myFacebook friends who rock in blogging. I had initially written about the 15 Indian Bloggers from My Facebook Network that will shine in 2015 I will go with one by one: ========================= 1.Harleena Singh : She writes on Aha-Now “Blogging is a social activity. It not only helps

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Facebook: Is It Alienating Us From The Real World

Today as I am traveling in the metro, the atmosphere is quite calm or I should say boring. Some are busy on their laptops (office work, as expressions showing it clearly), some with the headphones and rest chatting with their friends over phones. No one is really bothered about his/her fellow passenger. Noticing it for quite some time I also got lost in the memories of my last journey when I was in the train

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Twitterati And The Madras HC Sentence On Pre-Marital Sex And Marriage

  Madras High Court still trends on Twitter after their sentence yesterday was misread by a section who jump the gun without trying to lift it. Here are some epic ones Anand (@_Anand_i): Employee: Sir, shadi k liye chhutti chahiye. Boss: Arey, chutti ki kya zaroorat h.Lunch hour mein niptaa lo na. Kanika Upadhya (‏@NikkiUpadhyay): So how many of you have woken up married this morning? :p Alabhya Narang ‏(@alabhya_mufc): “marriages are made in heaven” acc to the new

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Hashtags On Facebook: Implications For You And Your Brand

With Facebook finally having forced to follow Twitter and Instagram and having had to onboard hashtags, there has to be implications. Here are 4 most important ones for you and your brand  1. What’s Trending: What is most important for a marketer on a social media platform. It is to know what’s making the most noise and is being followed frantically. Twitter and Google+ are two platforms which clearly show what’s trending because these are

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Arvind Kejriwal Vs Sheila Dikshit And The Twitterati

    Dilip K. Pandey (@dilipkpandey): सुना है शीला जी अब तैयारी में हैं मैदान छोड़ने की 🙂 Aam Aadmi Party (@AamAadmiParty): विजय गोयल के खिलाफ क्यों खड़े हो, मच्छर मारने को बोफोर्स नही चलाते Aam Aadmi Party (@AamAadmiParty): झूम के निकली है आंधी,अब पत्तों की खैर नही, सिर्फ भ्रष्ट ही घबराना हमसे,सबसे अपना बैर नही #AKvsSheila Chanchal Sharma (@chanchal_in): डरते नही है हवाओं से हम,सिरफिरे तूफ़ान हैं, ज़रा दूर से टकराव यारों,इस नदी में उफान है #AKvsSheila And

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Twitterati and the Rs. 1 Salary Hoopla

Here is a Twitter fun take on Narayan Murthy’s comeback to Infy at Rs. 1.  Karthik Srinivasan (@beasttrall): Tell me Airtel doesn’t have a hand in Narayana Murthy and Rohan Murthy getting Rs.1 token salary. Keh Ke Peheno (@coolfunnytshirt): It’s now up to ACP Pradyuman to find out who cracked the ‘Narayana Murthy / Salary Rs 1 / Airtel Video’ joke first.. Vivek Mishra (@vivekhr): Rs 1 pkg for Narayanmurty? Under GOI definition he is BPL Ishita Vaidya

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Aadhar Card and Twitterati’s Dupatta Jokes

  Aadhar cards have become the bud of all jokes on social media. Here is a collection of top 10 of them.  Jatin Patel (@RepeatOffendor): jab se ye Aadhar aaya hai khud ko bahut Niraadhar mahsus karta hu…… muze abhi tak mera aadhar nahi mila 🙁 Krupakar Manukonda (@krupakar_m): Please wear the same dupatta when you go to collect subsidies :p #Aadhar Prabhu Chawla (@PrabhuChawla): Aadhar meant for Aam Admi. But govt allots land worth 500 cr in

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