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The ‘My Side’ The ‘True Side’

Someone has truly said that because god cannot exist everywhere, he created parents. And this proverb I have actually experienced in my life and am very sure, many of us think alike; Parents are nothing but god. I survived from the nasty intentions of a person because my parents took a stand for me, which earlier I opposed to a greater extent but now have not only accepted, but feel happy from the bottom of

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Gossamer conversation with her heart

She asked, “How will I know its love?” Her heart said, “When he holds you without saying a word and kisses you on your forehead, while you awash him with your tears. Then know its love” She asked, “Will it happen?” Her heart said, “Only if you believe”   She asked, “What makes me happy?” Her heart said, “The answer lies in me” She said, “I know what completes me. Holding my father’s hand to

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Only If She Had Known

He saw her looking at him from a distance, She looked down embarrassed He kept looking at her, looking at him She continued waking up with his thoughts. Only if she had known.   They started talking, He messaged her, she never wanted it to stop He said he’s in love with her, she was insecure and said no She cried all night, cursing herself, he said he’ll wait. Only if she had known.  

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Happy Valentine’s Day

We first met at high school. It was definitely not love at first sight. In a casual chat one fine day at the start of the new session, we felt we shared similar views, and somehow we knew that we could be friends. We were in the same class, same section. We would sit together during classes, study, take notes, discuss politics, sports, cinema and life. We would share our Tiffin boxes with each others

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A budding romance

“Rahul… Naam toh suna hoga” said he, holding his hand for her to shake.  She let out a tiny smile and took his hand. An SRK fan. This one will be fun to talk to. “Simran”, she said. “Really?” “Yes really. I was born in the 80s and my granddad named me Simran much before Aditya Chopra had even thought of DDLJ” And that’s how it had started… Simran met Rahul at Madras Cafe in

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अधूरे शब्द की अधूरी दास्तान

कौन कहता है कि आग को धुंए की दरकार होती है। इश्क करने वालों से पूछो जो हर वक्त जलते है।। इसमें ना धुआं होता है ना कोई राख होती है। इसमे तो बस गजब की आग ही आग होती है।। प्रेम, प्यार, इश्क, मोहब्बत, ये शब्द क्यों अधूरे है अब सोचता हूं। बहुच सोचा, नहीं पता चला । पर इन अधूरे शब्दो की बहुत ही दर्द भरी दास्तान है। ना धुंआ होता है ना

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लिखते हुए कुछ ख़्वाब से – 1

  ” जब मोरे राजा पिया गये हैं बगीचा भौंरा भनर-भनर होये मेरी गुइंयाँ ” लक-दक करके दामन से झाड़ो तो अनगिनत यादें झड जाती हैं। पर ये भी तो सच ही है कि इतनी आसानी से कभी कोई याद भी नहीं आता। दिली तौर पर याद करना और ज़हनी तौर पर याद करना दोनों अलग-अलग हैं, फिर भी कुछ यादें ज़हन और दिल के बीच कहीं अटकी रहती हैं। उसकी याद भी कुछ ऐसी

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Dear Lovers, Don’t Drop The Pretence

By Joybrato Dutta Love is what you assumed Leonardo felt for Kate in Titanic. Love is what burnt Troy. A fulfilled love story inspires marriages that are filled with ‘awwww’ moments, but an incomplete one inspires generations to love. As strange as it may sound but the couples by which most lovers swear by – Romeo & Juliet, Heer & Ranjha, Laila and Majnu, didn’t really end up marrying. So most lovers know how to love,

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The SLAP – A Short Story

  It was a wet evening. It always has been so at this time of the year. Puddles of water everywhere showed the intensity with which the monsoon had unleashed itself. Now after a brief respite, the dark clouds above seemed ready for another torrential downpour. Arjun was on his evening stroll in the nearby park. Birds were chirping and the setting sun was playing hide and seek with the dark clouds. The mud, the wet mud produced the

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