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Battle of the Sexes in The Story of an Hour

True to the title, The Story of an Hour is a story of one hour in the life of the protagonist, Louise Mallard, who is ‘happily married’. When she hears about the death of her husband her immediate reaction is remorse. However, a while later, she feels ecstatic on being free! Mrs. Mallard cries with abandon instead of being paralysed with shock at the misfortune. While she withdraws to her personal space to reflect on

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Hindi India Poetry Social

इस चिंगारी को एक बार सुलग जाने दो . .

  By Atul Singh जो बंद रही, इतने दिनों तक, अंधकार की कोठरियों मे । उस तिल तिल जलती ज्योति को, इस बार उजियारी फैला जाने दो ॥ . जो रूह, उनकी हैवानीयत सह, आज तक कराहती रही । उस रूह को तन से जुदा कर के, हैवानो से भिड़ जाने दो ॥ . वो चिंगारी, जो नस नस में, गर्म लहू बन बहती रही, उस गर्म लहू को आज हिया से लावा बनके फूट

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Hindi Life Love Poetry

जलता जीवन, जलते तुम हम

 By Atul Singh  जलता ज़ीवन जलते तुम हम, ख़त्म हो गई राहें सब ।  आगे है घनघोर अँधेरा दुःख की बदली छाई है । साथ मिलाकर छोड़ गए सब, क्यूँ तू संग मेरे आई है ॥ क्यूँ करू तुझसे प्रणय निवेदन, क्या तू जीवन सार मिला । किया तिरस्कार तूने है अब तक, क्यूँ अब तेरा प्यार जगा ॥ तू ठहरी अलका का वैभव, पर अवनी का मैं भी पुजारी हूँ । प्रेम सिखा कर चली

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सब खवाब हुए धूमिल…..

पैदा हुवा मै जिस दिन, माँ-बाप मुस्कुराये I थी तंग घर की हालत, लड्डू ना बाँट पाये I I बस आस उम्मीदों में, बचपन भी मेरा बीता I हर हसरत रही अधूरी, लगता रहा पलीता I I ना शिक्षा मिली ढंग की, ना काम ढंग का पाया I संघर्षों ने जर्जर, कर डाली मेरी काया I I शादी भी मैंने कर ली, पैदा किये दो बच्चे I हालात अपने फिर भी, हो पाए नहीं अच्छे I

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Life Optimism Poetry

The D-Day

The heaven has gone asunder Earth struck by mighty thunder; Life everywhere is ready to be get destroyed In a moment nothing would be left except a void; God looks upon the earth with hint of smile; Earth being ruined, in his own personal style; Suddenly he becomes worried, by sight of one thing; All nature is in gloom, but why is she still smiling! – Aditya Kavangal  

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Life Love Love In The Times Of Recession Poetry


A beautiful poem by  Aditya Kavangal! Our  love shall die At the blink of an eye Dreams burnt to dust Memories will rust Time is the witness For our doom and bliss Let’s not pretend About our inevitable end Now, we have a moment Before we are spent To be here, now, with you Before, I bid adieu To hold your hand Walk on the sand Before dawn and after night Between shadow and light We

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Influence of Music on the Inner World

Shwetha Kalyanasundaram talks of the beauty of musical chords and how history and the present have been proof of the way music impacts our inner world All our ancient treatises on music propound that it is a gift mankind has been bestowed with from Divinity above; and that its bliss is made available to everyone as freely as air, water and the sunrays. These great texts on music also enjoin it upon man to imbibe

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