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November 16, the day Tendulkar retired, still haunts me

Have you ever feared a roof falling off, only because of sheer sound? Have you ever sensed tears around you in absolute pin drop silence? Reminiscing that date, still gives me Goosebumps. Even today an year later, it’s hard to believe that the man’s journey of 24 years between 22 yards is over. It is said ‘All good things come to an end’, yet as my friend Rohit had said last year, that he thought

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Critics, Do you still not get eyeballs without bashing Sachin Tendulkar?

So Sachin Tendulkar is coming out with his autobiography #Playingitmyway. For fans like me who have been die-hard followers, this is a moment to get up close and personal with his life. A life which was always cricket first and everything later. A life which was not even touched by a drop of controversy, ever, except one created by Mike Denness, “the Menace” when he alleged ball tampering on the master. A life which is

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RIP Sadashiv Amrapurkar: The lost Villain

The era of rustic cinema in Bollywood is well and truly over. With the demise of Sadashiv Amrapurkar, our cinema has lost an iconic figure, which was once revered as the most relevant villain post Amjad Khan in Sholay. Last seen in ‘Bombay Talkies’ a film made to mark the centenary celebrations of our cinema, the man left an indelible impression on the cinegoers with his high voltage performances. The man came from humble roots,

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Gandhi’s Assassination – The Untold Truth

Gandhi’s Death has been a case of speculation , as the killing of a “helpless” old man, who was a symbol, of peace and love and his benevolent nature earned him the title of the “Father of our Nation”. On the other hand his assassin, Nathuram Ram Godse, has been targeted by people from all walks of the world , for being a Treacherous, Heartless & a Ruthless murderer. He has even been proclaimed as

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Five World Leaders Mahatma Gandhi Inspired

Throughout his life, Mahatma Gandhi inspired countless Indians to lead a simple and principled life free of vices and desires. His message of non-violence that he practiced against the British rule in India has inspired many important world personalities. On this Gandhi Jayanti, while many news channels debate on the relevance of Gandhi in today’s India, Mission Sharing Knowledge takes you through stories of five world leaders who have been inspired by the life &

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How to become a genius at work?

When you see a world class dancer or musician performing, a world class sportswoman producing a stunning shot at the last minute of the game? What do you think is common in these situations? Yes, they manifest genius in their work. Yes, what they produce seems incredulous or even miraculous to us. Yet, all they do is to bring their total awareness to their work in that moment. They just bring a meditative quality to their work.

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To Our Brave Heroes: A Poem Saluting The Indian Army

(The recent flooding in and around Jammu & Kashmir has taken a toll on the lives of our people, damaged life and resources, and been a horrible experience overall. But it has once again demonstrated, that no matter whatever the challenges may be, the fearless, selfless and glorious Indian Army will always live to defend the nation from all calamities. The glorious army of India, those fearless and brave souls who smile as they lay

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She was definitely not prepared for the idiosyncrasies of a rural place. Down south where she came from, she wasn’t used to rules imposed by rituals. She was a free bird who never thought twice before voicing an opinion. Unfortunately where she was, it was huge crime for women to voice their opinion and follow their heart. In that area women were categorised in two parts – Angels and Demons. Those who abided by the patriarchal

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An Ode To One of my Favourite Teachers, this #TeachersDay

“True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own.” -Nikos Kazantzakis While sitting and writing this ode to my favourite professor on the eve of Teachers Day, I wanted to start with a quote. I scanned the Internet; it’s easy isn’t it these days to look for one. Not in this case though because

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Balmiki Mandir: Bapu’s Forgotten Address in Delhi

Rajghat, Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi, is one of the most popular tourist spots of Delhi but few people know the address of ‘Bapu Awaas’ where Gandhi stayed for two hundred and fourteen days between April 1946 and June 1947. The place now known as Balmiki Mandir is located on Mandir Marg near Gole Market, Connaught Place. Besides the Balmiki Mandir, the road is lined up with many other prominent places of worship such as Birla

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