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Five World Leaders Mahatma Gandhi Inspired

Throughout his life, Mahatma Gandhi inspired countless Indians to lead a simple and principled life free of vices and desires. His message of non-violence that he practiced against the British rule in India has inspired many important world personalities. On this Gandhi Jayanti, while many news channels debate on the relevance of Gandhi in today’s India, Mission Sharing Knowledge takes you through stories of five world leaders who have been inspired by the life & teachings of the Mahatma. 1. Barack Obama: If the world’s most powerful man looks upon someone as a hero imagine the power that hero has on

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How to become a genius at work?

When you see a world class dancer or musician performing, a world class sportswoman producing a stunning shot at the last minute of the game? What do you think is common in these situations? Yes, they manifest genius in their work. Yes, what they produce seems incredulous or even miraculous to us. Yet, all they do is to bring their total awareness to their work in that moment. They just bring a meditative quality to their work. If for example, they are playing music, they become one with the music world. They become the player of the music, the music that goes

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To Our Brave Heroes: A Poem Saluting The Indian Army

(The recent flooding in and around Jammu & Kashmir has taken a toll on the lives of our people, damaged life and resources, and been a horrible experience overall. But it has once again demonstrated, that no matter whatever the challenges may be, the fearless, selfless and glorious Indian Army will always live to defend the nation from all calamities. The glorious army of India, those fearless and brave souls who smile as they lay down their lives for the cause of the Motherland, are the truest of us Indians. And this piece is something I composed to try my

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She was definitely not prepared for the idiosyncrasies of a rural place. Down south where she came from, she wasn’t used to rules imposed by rituals. She was a free bird who never thought twice before voicing an opinion. Unfortunately where she was, it was huge crime for women to voice their opinion and follow their heart. In that area women were categorised in two parts – Angels and Demons. Those who abided by the patriarchal laws were angels those who revolted were demons. Being a wildlife photographer, she decided to explore the forest “Aranya” (literally means forest). She was told

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An Ode To One of my Favourite Teachers, this #TeachersDay

“True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own.” -Nikos Kazantzakis While sitting and writing this ode to my favourite professor on the eve of Teachers Day, I wanted to start with a quote. I scanned the Internet; it’s easy isn’t it these days to look for one. Not in this case though because the individual to whom the ode is addressed is way beyond spoken and written words. The above quote though seemed apt because she suits the

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Balmiki Mandir: Bapu’s Forgotten Address in Delhi

Rajghat, Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi, is one of the most popular tourist spots of Delhi but few people know the address of ‘Bapu Awaas’ where Gandhi stayed for two hundred and fourteen days between April 1946 and June 1947. The place now known as Balmiki Mandir is located on Mandir Marg near Gole Market, Connaught Place. Besides the Balmiki Mandir, the road is lined up with many other prominent places of worship such as Birla Mandir, Kali Mandir, Arya Samaj Mandir and St. Thomas’ Church. While many national leaders were fast moving towards Raisina Hills, the power centre of India,

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Movie Review: Hercules: Dwayne Johnson “Rocks” This One

Director: Bratt Ratner Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Rufus Sewell, Ian McShane, Ingrid Berdall, Joseph Fiennes  Plot: The film tells the story of Hercules, the Greek hero. This one unlike others shows the demigod as having lost everything, his family, his country and he looks completely at unease with peace nowhere close to his mind. He is shown as someone who is purposeless and alongside a band of mercenaries, all perfectly suited to their respective roles, is fighting for gold. There is no denying the fact that he is Godly and hence when his opportunity comes, he takes it upon himself to do the right against

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Rituparno Ghosh, The Unforgettable Influence On Indian Cinema

I recently watched two of Rituparno Ghosh‘s films, Memories in March and Chitrangada. And I was pretty much stunned after watching them. Here is one man who, more or less single-handedly, lifted the standards of modern Bengali cinema to a level that continues to have us bedazzled, by its sheer splendour and artistic merit. For those of you unfamiliar with Ghosh, he was one of the best film directors of the recent times, up to his sad demise last year at the tender age of 50. What amazes me the most about this radical personality is that, he never hoped to follow the standards or norms of the society,

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How Ravindra Jadeja Trolled His Critics

From mockingly calling him Sir Ravindra Jadeja to making thousands of memes on him, Ravindra Jadeja has seen fun being made on him everywhere on the internet. It was him though who finally had the last laugh 24 wickets in a Test series against Australia. Yes, you got the numbers right. Jadeja, who till a few days back was being trolled left, right and center on the social media, bagged 24 wickets against a good team, proving a few points to his critics. The last image I saw of him was that of being in the illustrious company of Sachin

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