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Happy Birthday Little Master: Long live Sachin

It has been almost sixteen months since our beloved cricketer called it quits. Yet his birthday today, brings in so many memories we all want to share. Even today we want to remember his accolades, his feats, those moments when we the common people had a chance to either see him or the lucky few who met him. These memories will always come out of the closet on special occasions like his birthday. What makes

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Charlie Chaplin – the story of the legend

This man is responsible for the smile in billion faces. But his own life was full of misery and problems. All his life he kept facing difficulties, problems but he never stopped working towards putting a smile on the face of his audience. He was from a poor family, his father was not there for him for his entire life and his mother was not in sound mind, most of her life spent in a

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Ignorance is bad but pseudo truth is even worse

Read on for a probable reason……… Look at Shri Krishna from Duruyodhana’s point of view… Who do you see? The greatest villain of the era – the one responsible for destroying not just the Kuru vansh but also all the other kingdoms who supported them blindly – fought for them, all soldiers….several families – those who belonged to the supporters of Kuru vansh! When they were given an opportunity to select the other side –

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Sachin Tendulkar Revives School Memories with Vinod Kambli

Best memories are always with school friends. Sachin Tendulkar also believes it. The Indian cricket legend has posted a photograph in his personal Instagram account and, you guessed it right, the frame has chum Vinod Kambli in it. Sweet memories always get the better of not-so-sweet present. In recent years, Tendulkar’s relationship with Kambli has not been in the best of health. Kambli’s life has been dogged by controversies and with his cricket career going

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Daniel Vettori Unsung Hero of Black Caps

Daniel Vettori, a bespectacled left arm spinner was the youngest player of Black Caps when he made his debut in 1996-97 at the age of 18 years. By far, he is the most capped player in both Test Matches and ODI Matches for New Zealand. A decade and half has followed since then, but Daniel Vettori continues to remain one of the best left-arm spinners in world cricket today. His talent is so evident that

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10 Life Lessons From Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma

Jack Ma or Ma Yun (Chinese: 马云; born September 10, 1964) is a Chinese entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group, a family of highly successful Internet-based businesses. He is the first mainland Chinese entrepreneur to appear on the cover of Forbes. As of November 2014, he is the richest man in China and 18th richest man in the world with an estimated net worth of $29.7 billion, according to Bloomberg

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The Battle Royale: Where the heart and mind went with different Teams

Long after the last spectator at the Garden of Eden has left for their quaint little homes. Long after the din of furious key strokes pounding at the keyboards has fallen silent and match reports are submitted. Long after the night sky had cleared enough of the electric fireworks. The pitch at the Garden of Eden will stare into the open sky, her companion when the game ceases to exist and open her heart out

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Letter to the Youth today from Bhagat Singh – A piece of fiction based on his writing

My Dear Friend, I write to you on my 107th Birthday. It is heartening to know that you are actually reading my letter. I want you to read it fully. I write to you to clearly convey what I stood for and died for. You see, when you die, it is amazing to see how people brand you and attach you to“-isms”, to compartmentalize one’s ideas. These rigid ideologies and beliefs restrict one’s thoughts. So,

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A tribute to Boom Boom Afridi from across the border

Let me tell you at the outset that Shahid Afridi was always someone who amazed all of us here in India. We always knew he was not extremely talented but we also knew that he had enough to be a match winner. The thin line between not being greatly talented and still being a match winner made him special. The women loved him from when I was a kid to now when am married and

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For a Noble Cause : Bangalore Orphanage’s Kids made a music video for Justin Beiber!!!

On Tuesday, 3rd February, starting at about 11 pm, 250 volunteers from around India are going to Twitter Bomb a popstar in Los Angeles. Their aim is to get the popstar to watch a music video made by the kids in an orphanage in Bangalore. The kids are in immediate need of housing as they have been asked to leave their current rented housing within the next year. So the hope is that the popstar

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