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Leadership is Key: Build or Break

see It is not the 100th blow that knocked a man down. It is the 99 that went before. Simran Bhargava, NDTV in a chat with Purva Mishra, Head, HR, Hewitt Associates says that people don’t leave companies. They leave bosses. A Fortune 500 study found nearly 75 percent employees have suffered at the hands of a difficult superior. Other studies have found that one in four managers abuses employees enough for them to call in sick,

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Sustainable Leadership From Experiential Learning

Very often when people hear the word sustainability they think more of philanthropy which is a good to do thing but not a must do. Sustainability is a very broad area and extends to many areas with its triple bottom line of social, economic and the environment. For me the environmental and social part is very important. There are so many challenges that planet earth as well as we individually face on a daily basis.

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