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नोटबंदी किसी बेवकूफी से कम नहीं!

buy provigil from canada नोटबंदी को आज एक साल हो गया है। मानो कल ही की बात हो। पिताजी का स्कूटर थामे मै एक बैंक से दुसरे बैंक के चक्कर काट रहा था इसी उम्मीद मे की कुछ पैसे मिल जाएँ जिससे की दादी अपने दवाई खरीद सके, दूधवाले को पैसे मिल सके और कामवाली को समय पर तंखा मिल सके। मेरी हालत फिर भी देश के कई मज़दूर, फलवाले और किसानों से बेहतर है। प्रधान मंत्री मोदी के 8

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Pakistani Nuclear Politics: Slippery Slope which strengthens Military Gum Boots

According to me, mainstreaming a nuclear Pakistan with a nuclear deal at current stage is a slippery slope which will only strengthen the military gum boots in Pakistan. A new report by the Carnegie-Stimson[1] collaboration proposes that Pakistan consider the following five nuclear weapon-related initiatives: • Shift declaratory policy from “full spectrum” to “strategic” deterrence. • Commit to a recessed deterrence posture and limit production of short-range delivery vehicles and tactical nuclear weapons. • Lift Pakistan’s

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Fabulous Methods For A Wonderful Redecorating Project

Redesigning is the method of producing adjustments to types houses, either through restoration or remodelling. Redecorating jobs can be little, such as incorporating sealant into a home window. They can even be big jobs, such as incorporating new flooring to flooring. The tips in the following paragraphs must aid you with redesigning, regardless of the measurements of the job. To improve the need for your home, consider redecorating it. A property seems new can be

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Understanding the Land Pooling Policy

Planning residential urban spaces with requisite physical infrastructures is becoming a daunting task for urban planners these days. Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon is a classic example of failed co-ordination between the public and private infrastructure planners. So, is there a solution? Well, to solve the issue of mis-management, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) had come up with the Land Pooling Policy, which they plan to implement soon. But do you, as a consumer, understand this

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‘Will DDA Give My Plot After I Die?’

Captain (Retd.) Maharaj Singh Uppal fought in the 1971 war against Pakistan, which ended with the creation of Bangladesh. Years later, when he was serving in Kargil, he lost his son but couldn’t make it for the funeral due to severe climatic conditions and terrain. In 1981, Captain Uppal was among the thousands who paid money for a plot in Delhi’s Rohini area. Frustrated over the Delhi Development Authority’s delay in allotting his plot, he

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Bangalore Finds A Smart Way To Recycle Its Waste

According to the state census board’s 2011 data, Bangalore has grown to be the fifth largest city in the country. Alongwith the population explosion, the city has also seen a rise in solid waste generation. As reported by the Karnataka Directorate of Census Operations, in the year 2000, the city generated 1,450 tonnes of solid waste per day. In 2010, the number more than doubled to about 3,600 tonnes of solid waste being generated each

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Deadly Roads of Delhi

Honey Singh is safe with the blessings of his fans. A post on a micro-blogging site controlled the rumour. ”News of YoYo’s accident is fake and must be spread by some haters. Please don’t bother and keep blessing YoYo” The rumour of projected misfortune turned into a reality on a sad note. India lost one of his hopes in Parliament. Modi government lost one contributor of their historical victory. For Gopinath Munde, everything is more

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