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10 Best Foods For Fasting In Navratra

One of the most significant and celebrated Hindu festivals in the world is Navratra. It is celebrated twice in a year to mark the triumph of ‘good over evil’, and from idol worshipping to holding fasts (for seven days), there are different customs and rituals followed during the festival. Now, you don’t wish to feel lethargic during this joyous period as a result of fasting, so it’s important to pick right kind of foods. Ones that do

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Ya devi sarbabhuteshshu, SAKTI rupena sanksthita Namasteshwai Namasteshwai Namasteshwai Namo Namaha Very very soon, the radio is gonna go abuzz with these heavy words from an even heavier throat. That time of the year is here. The new clothes smell so good, so fresh and so pretty. We as a community are gearing up to welcome Ma Durga to come visit us for 5 days. Festivities would start. There will be songs and dances. There

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Restaurant Review: Range De Basanti Dhaba – Tradition with a touch of Modernity

In Kolkata, many places have reinvented themselves in different styles just to mollify the customers’ changing tastes and to catch up with the trend. This time I chose to visit a new joint that has almost reinvented itself and also its passion for food. Earlier known as the AHD in Sector V, Salt Lake, is now renamed Rang De Basanti Dhaba (RDBD), after its very successful original version at neo-Punjabi land Gurgaon. The joint is

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Restaurant Review: The Royal Bengal Tiger Cafe; Tiger Burning Bright

Bengalis simply love their food and they know how to enjoy it as well. Needless to say they have their unique ways to relating to food as well. Whether it is through their mother or grandmother’s secret recipes, folklore, geographical barriers, aromatic associations or even through the growls of a Bengal tiger! Interesting right! Well the latest kid on the block, the Royal Bengal Tiger Café, dedicated to creating awareness about the endangered species is

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निरुपम ब्रांड पोहे विद स्लिम टी: ‪#‎बैचलर्सकिचन‬ की खास पेशकश

हॉस्टल में चेकिंग की खबर फैलते ही लोगबाग अपने इलिगल गेस्ट( अतिथि के लिए इससे अपमानजनक शब्द शायद ही धरती पर हो), गर्लफ्रेंड, असली( अश्लील) साहित्य, इधर-उधर फैली चड्डी समेटने, छुपाने, भगाने में लग जाते और इधर हम अपना कूकर-कडाही और चूल्हा. हमें एक-एक आलमारी मिली हुई थी. ज्यादातर की आलमारी में मंहगे कपड़े,परफ्यूम, सर्टिफिकेट होते और सबसे निचले हिस्से में खास फ्रैंड की दी हुई चीजें..कई महीने के सूखे गुलाब, टेडीवियर, कॉफी मग, आर्ट

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अचारी आलू विद सरसों ब्रिंजल: ‪#‎बैचलर्सकिचन‬ स्पेशल

इससे पहले कि प्याज-टमाटर-खीरा बैचलर्स किचन से बिछुड़कर दिल्ली सरकार और मदर डेयरी के सस्ते दाम पर पाएं टाइप के बैनरों में कैद हो जाएं, मेरी बड़ी इच्छा थी कि ये मेरी नजरों के सामने राजकपूर-नरगिस मिलाप करें. एक-दूसरे को टूटकर हग करें. सो हमने आज सैलेड को जान तेरे नाम टाइप से सजाया. अचारी आलू बनाने में मेहनत थोड़ी ज्यादा पड़ गयी. रेस्तरां में आमतौर पर जिस बेहूदगी से टमाटर उबालकर और प्याज कच्चा

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Restaurant Review: Mrs. Magpie Café & Bakery  

The newest kid on the block, Mrs. Magpie Café & Bakery has already created ripples in the city’s café and bakery scene. If you are the kind of foodie who prefers to consume cakes, pastries and other such stuff, then do visit Mrs. Magpie Café & Bakery in south Kolkata. It is really not the kind of place that you simply enter. You reach, admire the place and then enter. The 21-seater café is the

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Traditional Bangaliana – Rui Maachher Kalia

Bengalis know their fish like no one else. Being a Bengali myself, how can I restrain myself from not having fish? So, this time I got some rui maachh (rohu fish) and concocted up some yummy kalia. Here’s a look at the fish kalia recipe. Ingredients Rui Fish/Rui Mach – 500 grms cut into medium sized pieces Potatoes – 3 large, cut into long thick slices (many prefer to dice it in round shapes even) Tomato

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बासी ब्रेड के गर्मागर्म तेरी गलियां वाले ताजे पराउंठे: बैचलर्स किचन की जुगाड़ू लंच

घर में एक चुटकी आटा न हो और बाहर छज्जा छलनी करनेवाली ऐसी बारिश हो रही हो कि आप पानी से कहीं ज्यादा स्मृतियों में भींग जाने से डर रहे हों तो अपनी लापरवाही और कमचोट्टेपन को क्रिएटिविटी में बदल डालिए. फ्रीज में ठीक से नजर डाले बिना आप जो धकाधक ब्राउन ब्रेड लाकर ठूंसे जाते हैं तो एक बार चेक कीजिए कि दो-दो,एक-एक करके कितनी सारी ब्रेड उसमे है. ज्यादा नहीं, उनमे से चार

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Eat and shop your heart out at Feast, Sheraton Bengaluru

Sheraton is famously known to come up with innovative offerings and ideas. Their latest brainchild Feast, the Signature multi-cuisine all day dining restaurant at Sheraton Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway is a one of its kind experience. Personalized interactive dining experience with live cooking stations, mini floating kitchens and Individual counters and open kitchens cater to the varied palate of the guests. This offers a complete family experience having a chilled out weekend over the

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